Apple opens its first store in India
The new Apple store, Apple BKC, the first one being opened in Bombay, India

Even though Apple has been in India for 25 years, it was until today that its first Apple store was inaugurated celebrating it with impatient people to buy its products.

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple in India, has said that India bets that the iPhone maker’s retail stores will help accelerate sales growth.

Bombay was the first place for Apple to open, under the official name of Apple BKC, being the first branch in the country, and expecting another store to open this week in Delhi.

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In an official statement made on the webpage of Apple, it was recalled that even though these are the first physical stores, the company has already been present in the country for 25 years.

Besides, the website mentioned that as a commitment of being 100% carbon neutral, all active partners use 100% clean energy for the Apple operations, and by 2025, the use of recycled cobalt will be announced for the production of all batteries made by the company.