Beyonce is blamed by inflation in Sweden after her tour concerts

It is known that the singer Beyonce is one of the most influential celebrities in the history of music, so far in Sweden is known as the one who affected the country’s economy due to her concert.

Likewise, it is known that inflation has affected the economy of many European countries, but that it was produced by an artist had never been seen before.

A senior executive at Danske Bank, Michael Grahn, stated that «Beyonce is responsible for this month’s surprising upward trend due to her concerts in Stockholm on her long-awaited Renaissance World Tour».

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For May, Sweden suffered a drop in inflation, but due to the artist’s concerts, the country dashed its hopes, with some 100,000 fans attending and the concert sold out.

Experts expect the «Beyonce effect» to end so that the prices of hotel establishments will go down, and it is expected that they will go down until the end of June.