Russian parliamentarian assured that Nicaragua's interoceanic canal would change the geo-economics of the region.
Russian parliamentarian assured that Nicaragua’s interoceanic canal would change the geo-economics of the region.

Within the framework of the first Russia-Latin America Parliamentary Conference, Moscow assured that the construction of the interoceanic canal in Nicaragua would completely change the geoeconomics of Latin America.

The statements were issued by the State Duma parliamentarian, Guennadi Semiguin, who highlighted: “last spring, negotiations between Russia, China and Nicaragua resumed. If this canal is built, it can completely alter the geoeconomics situation of Latin America.”

The Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, has previously referred to the matter, denouncing the actions of the United States against the Canal project, and has stated that in the Latin American nation there have not been quantities of gold as in other territories, nor greater wealth, but the invaders discovered that in Nicaragua there is a natural passage through which a transit route could be opened between the Caribbean Sea and the ocean.

“And what they are looking for is control of Nicaragua, so that no other country can develop that canal,” said the Nicaraguan leader, referring to the interference of the United States throughout history in the possible construction of this channel.

Furthermore, he explained that “the Panama Canal needs another transit route, and that is why when we have spoken here in Nicaragua, we have been working to develop the Canal, immediately comes the campaign of the force’s enemies of the Revolution of the North American government beginning their offensives, trying to prevent this project from moving forward.”

BRICS will incorporate Latin American States

In the context of the Russia-Latin America Parliamentary Conference, Semiguin also emphasized the commitment to the expansion of the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) through the incorporation of Latin American States.

Prior to the plenary meeting that brought together more than 200 participants, including legislators, diplomats, public leaders and experts, the Russian deputy stated: “The expansion of the BRICS by attracting Latin American countries is one of our fundamental goals.”

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Likewise, the head of the parliamentary faction of the United Russia party, Vladimir Vasíliev, highlighted the importance of interparliamentary activity, emphasizing that Russian and Latin American legislators «establish very substantial contacts.»

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Leonid Slutski, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), also noted that this forum has placed cooperation between Russia and Latin American countries in a «new orbit in principle.»