The Embassy of Nicaragua in Italy meets with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the European country.
The Embassy of Nicaragua in Italy meets with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the European country.

During a meeting with the Ítalo Latino América Organization (IILA), the ambassador of Nicaragua in Italy, Monica Robelo, presented the event of the XI Conference Italy-Latin America and the Caribbean took place at the beginning of October, as an opportunity to promote cooperation with the European nation.

The high representative of the Latin American country, continued constructive conversations with the secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, the ambassador, Riccardo Guariglia; and the sub-secretary of External Relations for Latin America, Giorgio Silli, according to Nicaraguan news media.

In a preamble to the XI Italian Latin American and Caribbean Conference, scheduled for October 13, in the city of Roma, which will feature the participation of representatives of different nations, the general secretary reaffirmed that Italy has advanced solid and constructive conversations, with the aim of developing agreements for the benefit of the Latin American region.

Ambassador Robelo, in representation of the Government of Nicaragua, was sent to the XI Italy-Latin America Conference as a key space for communication and collaboration in areas such as the climate crisis, food safety and business disruption and product inversions, according to the news media of that nation.

The Nicaraguan diplomacy is eager to learn the potential and the wealth of Italy and Nicaragua, aspiring to expand the markets across the borders and subscribing to the strategic paper of economic, political, commercial and cultural diplomacy as it fundamentally addresses the global challenges in a relationship based on values and interested in common.

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The authorities also emphasized that the purpose of this meeting was to exchange perspectives on political, economic and trade relations between Italy and Latin America, to address common challenges, and to discuss the Political Dialogue Agenda.

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Opportunities were also explored for the exchange of institutional experiences and public policies aimed at fostering political, socioeconomic and cooperative collaboration for mutual sustainable development.