Speech at the general assembly: Nicaragua requests recognition for the costs of the war perpetrated by the US.

Before the 78th UN General Assembly, Nicaragua demanded to enforce the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in The Hague, which ordered the United States to pay the costs of the destruction, aggression, pain and suffering to that nation due to the war imposed in the eighties.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada Colindres, declared: “We demand that the United Nations enforce the mandate of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which in 1986 sentenced the United States of America to recognize Nicaragua, at least in part, the costs of destruction, permanent aggression, pain and suffering of hundreds of thousands of families during the insane and revengeful war imposed on our country and our people, in what was called the Counter-Revolution.”

Nicaragua demands compliance with the historic ruling issued by the ICJ

Furthermore, the representative of the diplomacy of the Latin American nation added: «We demand that the United Nations speak out, and order the Government of the United States of North America to comply with the historic sentence that condemned them and urged them to recognize Nicaragua, abiding by it in all its meritorious Sections.”

In this context, Moncada stressed that, although this measure cannot restore lives or alleviate the suffering of the affected families, it will at least contribute to the reconstruction of the economic, social, productive and cultural infrastructure of Nicaragua, which was severely affected by the foreign intervention.

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In addition to this call, the Nicaraguan diplomat denounced imperialism and colonialism, urging the international community to defend itself from constant global threats. Nicaragua expressed solidarity with several nations, including Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia, Palestine, Puerto Rico, China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which it considers victims of imperialism.

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Foreign Minister Moncada added before the UN that, “entire countries have been destroyed, in the brutal scorched earth policy, which seeks to satisfy the bestial appetites of the imperialists of the Earth.