The Nicaraguan government rejected the unilateral measures imposed by the West.
The Nicaraguan government rejected the unilateral measures imposed by the West.

Nicaragua assured that the world is experiencing the extinction of the colonialist and imperialist model, and emphasized that the Latin American nation is unyielding in the face of the foreign policy of sanctions imposed by the West, during the 78th period of sessions of the UN General Assembly, in New York, United States.

The highest representative of Nicaraguan diplomacy, Denis Moncada Colindres, regarding the coercive measures carried out by the West, pronounced: “The attacks that they call with arrogance, “sanctions,” do not define us, nor intimidate us, nor disable us, nor bend us, nor lead us to sell out or surrender. “We don’t know the word surrender.”

In his speech, Moncada argued that, “we lived in the world moments of extinction of the imperialist, colonialist model, of looting and genocide with which greed has hit nature and our world, that world of heritages, languages and models of life, brave and proper.”

Nicaragua rejects interventionist policies before the UN

Likewise, he said that Nicaragua joins the claim of all the peoples and countries that spoke before the UN, to denounce the aggressive, interfering, arbitrary, unjust policies, whose coercive, unilateral measures are not only illegal and illegitimate, «but constitute a type of war that destabilizes, destroys, and imposes changes in governments, through coups d’état, coup mobilizations and vandalism. What today is known as “color” events, which mourn so many families in so many towns.”

In this context, the Minister of Foreign Affairs recalled that Nicaragua has known how to transcend “all the tragedies and catastrophes imposed by the history of domination, cruelty, intervention, occupation and interference in all aspects of our life, including the electoral processes, intervened by the empires and their economic and military power, which have sought to destroy us, to dominate us.

This new world demands its own voice and identity

Under that premise, the government of the Latin American nation stated that, in these times of decisions and convictions of substantive change, to recover all rights and values in the face of the “overwhelming and criminal greed of colonialism and imperialism” in all its manifestations, “Nicaragua continues to fight all the battles of genuine freedom, of light, and unconcealable truth.”

Foreign Minister Moncada specified that this new world that claims its own voice and identity, its ancestral and current knowledge, that World of Culture of Peace, “has spoken in this 78th United Nations General Assembly, to continue, with more and more propriety and certainty, sowing, cultivating and reaping the indispensable transformations, even in these United Nations whose nature has been distorted to turn it, unfortunately, into an Organization of servitude and dependence on the powers.»

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Furthermore, he extended Nicaragua’s solidarity with the «peoples and countries that live this barbarism that is not at all civilizing, but rather in repetition of waves and echoes of the imperialist, colonialist and fascist models, which have caused the death of millions of human beings, and have imposed regimes of terror and deprivation, with shameful tides, and unprecedented migratory tsunamis.”

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Moncada denounced that, entire countries have been destroyed, in the brutal scorched earth policy, which seeks to satisfy the bestial appetites of the Imperialists of the Earth… “Entire countries have been occupied, and their People sacrificed and massacred, by the same and atrocious policies and actions, violating all rights, that reinforce what we know and denounce again here, as Hate Crimes,” he emphasized.