Cop smiles after violently beating homeless Army veteran
After beating the veteran, the cop wants to show off the bloody knuckles

Army vet Dalvin Gadson and an acquaintance were stopped by police for not properly displaying tags. The cops told him to step out for suspicion of marijuana DUI.

One officer claimed Gadson smelled of marijuana and tried to issue a DUI test. Gadson was told when he got out of his vehicle he would be handcuffed so he refused to exit until he was told why he was being arrested.

Body-camera footage shows a group of Colorado Springs police officers pounding Dalvin Gadson in his head and face with their fists, leaving him drenched in blood, swollen and bruised, Atlanta Black Star reported.

you can hear the 29-year-old Delavan Gadson pleading with his three white attackers. During the attack an Officer says to another: he’s assaulting me, while the video shows the opposite.

is police violence in the U.S. going to stop?

His attorneys say Gadson received multiple injuries, including black eyes and a ruptured eardrum, and the beating exacerbated his post-traumatic stress disorder. After the officers carried out the bloody arrest, they joked on camera about their efforts.

 “It’s difficult to listen to these officers laugh and joke about beating a veteran to a bloody mess and drawing their firearm on an unarmed man,” said one of the man’s attorneys, Harry Daniels, in a statement. “With officers this casual about the use of excessive and potentially deadly force, Dalvin Gadson is lucky to be alive.”

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“it’s almost comical to listen to a cop while you’re watching him beat a man who’s down say: he’s assaulting me. It’s like what is he assaulting your fists with his face, is that, why you want to show off the bloody knuckles?”.

Gadson served in the Army National Guard as a helicopter mechanic and was homeless at the time of the October incident during which he was pulled over for a traffic stop The report noted both an improperly displayed license tag and car failure as reasons for the stop.

A GoFundMe profile set up days later by Gadson states he had been living in his car for three to four months after becoming homeless. As a way to make money to support himself, Gadson said he worked as a Doordash delivery person and other odd jobs. His goal was to make enough to rent out an apartment.

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After being released from the hospital, the man spent two days in the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center and was given a bond of $20,000. His sister, also a U.S. Army veteran, had to pay the bond for him out of her savings.

Court documents show the assault charges were dropped, and the DUI count was dismissed months later on Dec. 7. The judge said the officers presented “insufficient probable cause to require a blood test.”

Gadson’s attorneys are calling for a criminal investigation and for action to be taken against the officers.