Prisoners in Nevada on hunger strike
Participants on hunger strike out of the Ely State Prison.

Prisoners in Nevada are on hunger strike after being 9 days without food.

Protests in Ely State Prison are prompted in large part by complaints about inadequate meal portions from a new food vendor since December 1.

Brian Williams, deputy director of the state Department of Correction, has said he is unaware of rights being violated, and the agency is going to do what’s in the best interest of the offenders.

According to the Department of Corrections, two dozen people were participating in the hunger strike, and 19 of those, have refused food for nine straight days.

Eventually, In a statement released made by the director of the Nevada prison system, William Gittere, announced a policy change to administrative sanctions in light of the hunger strike, and the prisoners will be imposed one sanction to each.

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Gittere also added that the new policy would be a significant change.

The vendor has not returned requests for comments about the new claim in Nevada.

Furthermore, advocates said that since an inmate escaped from Southern Desert Correctional Facility this fall, extended lockdowns have been imposed across state prisons, which cuts off inmate access to rehabilitative and religious programming.