During the XXIII ALBA-TCP Summit, Daniel Ortega expressed the importance of the Alliance for unity and peace.

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, during the XXIII Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), highlighted the fundamental role of the organization in the peace and unity of the region.

“The ALBA-TCP is a weapon for peace, the unity of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples. “We are in a battle where the imperialists try to undermine unity,” highlighted the top leader of the Sandinista Revolution.

Furthermore, Ortega added: “We are in a battle, where the imperialists of the Earth try to undermine, try to undermine, try to penetrate to destroy Latin American unity.”

In this sense, he specified   that, “the instruments that the imperialists have with the Nazi-fascist in Argentina and with the other Nazi-fascist in Ecuador, and others who are around there, the people are going to pass the bill.” Likewise, he assured that, “the Argentine people, the people who saw the birth Ernesto “Che” Guevara, is going to free himself from the Nazi-fascist.”

“Here we are people, nations, women, men, young people who tell the imperialists of the earth that: No one surrenders here, that here we neither sell ourselves nor surrender! We will continue the battle for the peace of the people!”, said Ortega.

The Nicaraguan president compared the historic day of ALBA-TCP, as when General Augusto C. Sandino met with a group of workers, miners, and urged them to fight “against the Yankee invaders.”

“Here, like Sandino, we are people, nations, women, men, young people, who tell the imperialists of the earth that here no one surrenders, that: Here we neither sell ourselves, nor surrender! And we will continue the battle for peace and for the unity of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, and for the peoples of the world,” he emphasized.

Ortega denounces US aggression

Ortega denounced the crimes against humanity and violation of international law committed by the United States, in the face of its
“arbitrary” occupation of the undelimited territory of Essequibo and in dispute between Guyana and Venezuela, which must be defined according to the Argyle Declaration of the December 14, 2023.

“Negotiation is seriously affected from the moment they give concessions there to oil companies and warships from the United States move to the area, committing a crime, one more crime than they have committed throughout history,” he argued in this regard.

“What call could we make? How many calls have not been made? To stop the invasions, the aggressions of the imperialists of the Earth, because abuses, upon abuses, crime, upon crime, genocides, upon genocides, invasions, occupations, atomic bombs launched. The only power in the world that has launched atomic bombs is the North American government, the North American rulers, the North American empire,” questioned the Nicaraguan head of state.

Likewise, he called for peace and for threats and blockades to end. At the same time, he denounced the intensification of “imperialist” aggressions, and that Washington disrespects world opinion, of the American and Israeli people themselves, who are against Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza.

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“When voting in the United Nations for Palestine to occupy its seat as a State, there were two abstentions, abstentions do not hurt in the end, but there was a vote that is a veto, because the vote against was from the United States. of North America, refusing to recognize the existence of the Palestinian State”, added to millions of dollars to continue the genocide in Gaza, Ortega rebuked.

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In this context, regarding the arms financing of the White House he detailed: “Likewise, funds for Taiwan, funds for the Ukrainian regime, that is, funds for death, funds for war, are really sums that what they do is inflame the hearts of the people, to enkindle the hearts of the North American people themselves who suffer needs that also have problems of an economic and social nature.”