Daniel Ortega: Nicaragua hands over mercenaries from the United States, without requesting anything in return
After the deportation of people convicted of Treason, the president of Nicaragua emphasizes that it was for patriotism and dignity.

Daniel Ortega, one of the most strategic leaders in Latin America, once again paralyzes and surprises the world with his statements. After the deportation of 222 inmates convicted of Treason, the Nicaraguan president categorically denies any negotiations with the United States, and stresses that it was a matter of honor, dignity and patriotism that the North Americans took their mercenaries.

As it came to light, the 222 inmates sentenced for committing acts that undermine the independence, sovereignty, and self-determination of the people for inciting violence, terrorism, and economic destabilization in Nicaragua, lost their citizenship and were deported on a plane bound for Washington, United States; the media corporations opposed to the Nicaraguan Government, turned on the machinery of speculation and manipulation, about possible political agreements with the White House.

The manipulation attempt would begin to be pulverized by the same North American representatives, who after the landing of the prisoners, at the Dulles International Airport, came out to declare that it was a unilateral decision of the authorities of the Central American country.

The spokesman for the State Department of the North American country, Ned Price, explained that “this was not a negotiation, nor was it a deal with the Government of Nicaragua. This was a unilateral decision on the part of the Government of Nicaragua… We decided that we were in the position to accept these people and welcome them to the United States, said the diplomat.»

Daniel Ortega: We are not asking for the sanctions to be lifted

Minutes later, Ortega, a leading anti-imperialist figure in the region and a staunch defender of the independence and self-determination of the peoples, would deliver the right thrust at the international level, when he revealed his position on whether the deportation of the prisoners implied a negotiation.

“No, we are not asking for the sanctions to be lifted! We are not asking for anything in return! It is a matter of honor, dignity, patriotism, and that they take away their mercenaries”; This is how the ruler of Nicaragua reaffirmed to Washington, and to those who with double standards between their mouths have promoted sanctions against Nicaraguans.  

“Here there has been no negotiation! This should be clear. Because the sovereignty of the country, the dignity of the homeland, cannot be negotiated”, determined President Ortega, in his speech that will inevitably be reflected as a reference in the history of Latin America and the Caribbean, and of the world.

The highest leader of the Sandinista Revolution, said that “from the Government of the United States, as I was saying, we have asked for absolutely nothing, nothing! This is not a barter, this is not a «I give you this and you give me that.» No! This is a matter of principle, of dignity…”.

Likewise, regarding the situation, he pointed out that «what it does is confirm that they are returning to a country that is the one that has used them, its rulers, not the American people, their rulers have used them to sow terror, death, destruction, here in Nicaragua”.

A message of peace for Nicaragua

In this context, Daniel Ortega, a promoter of peace throughout Nicaraguan history, described the decision as a pronouncement aimed at protecting the tranquility of the nation.   

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«This is nothing more than a message for peace, for stability, so that the Nicaraguan people are convinced that everything we do is to ensure peace,» he specified.

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The Head of State of Nicaragua ended his statement by stressing that «now that the coup plotters and mercenaries have left, well, we breathe more Peace here in Nicaragua…».