Daniel Ortega: Nicaragua has regained stability after the coup attempt
The leftist leader and president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, highlighted the period of peace and growth that Nicaragua is going through

The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega Saavedra, stressed that this Central American country is going through a period of growth with the implementation of different extraordinary programs, after recovering peace and stability, in the face of the failed coup attempt in April 2018. 

During a meeting with the president of the Chinese Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA), Luo Zhaohui, the president denounced that, throughout history, «the United States has wanted to control and occupy Nicaragua,» and that they «continue with their plans, conspiring.»

“They continue to finance the instruments of aggression and the war that they are preparing with billions of dollars, to try again a coup d’état. But here the people are truly convinced that this cannot longer be allowed, it cannot be repeated,» said the Nicaraguan president.

The coup was aborted

The president indicated that when the coup attempt in Nicaragua took place, historical imperialists and European empires joined, subordinated to the United States, however, «thanks to the decision of the people, the coup was aborted.»

«The conditions that we had until 2018, of stability, peace, security, economic growth, progress in the fight against poverty, we have managed to resume them,» he stressed.

In this sense, the president explained that in Nicaragua there was a great National Convergence for Peace, before the attempted coup, for which reason the national economy had been growing; but, in parallel, there were groups that organized and mobilized intelligence agencies of the United States, which caused sabotage, destruction and death in that Central American country. 

«These groups,» Ortega explained, «had some religious leaders as spokespersons,» among them, the Bishop of Estelí, Monsignor Abelardo Mata, who openly attacked the Government during the Convergence era.»

Bishops gave an ultimatum

In addition, he said, there were several priests «who did not accept the Revolution, because they came from Somocismo and were Agents of Imperialism.»

The president of Nicaragua illustrated that in the context of the attempted coup «the Bishops of the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference» requested a meeting, to carry out an unprecedented event in the history of that country.

“We received them, they even read us an ultimatum. For that? So that we dismantled all the State Powers: The Judicial Power, the Electoral Power, all the State Powers: The Police, the Army, everyone, and that they gave us a one-week deadline”.

“That was where the head of the coup d’état came out, where the Bishop of Matagalpa was the one who assumed the leadership. We listened, I really thought, what’s wrong with them? Have they gone crazy? Don’t they realize what their role is,” said President Ortega.

Bishops blessed the weapons

In this regard, the Central American president wondered «since when do the bishops have the authority to go around saying who governs and who does not govern?»

In this sense, he assured that he came from a Catholic family, however, he recalled that “a good number of priests and bishops in Nicaragua defended Somocismo and imperialism.

«Every time there was a military intervention, the bishops came to bless the weapons of the US troops in formation,» he said.

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The president assured that now, in Nicaragua, we are going through a period of improving the conditions of all families. 

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“We are in battle! And this is a global battle, logically”, “where it is a question of persuading the powers and especially the Europeans and the United States that there is no way for the survival of humanity than the shared path”, stated the president.