Daniel Ortega reaffirms the fight for peace in the world meeting of Political Parties with China
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega highlighted China’s role in cooperation to advance welfare and security.

Daniel Ortega, reaffirms defense for peace and justice in a multipolar world, in a virtual meeting organized by China, where representatives of political parties from different countries of the hemisphere participated together with Xi Jinping.

In the event called High Level Dialogue of the Communist Party of China with Political Parties of the World, Ortega’s participation stood out due to the emphasis in his speech on the fight for peace, freedom and the sovereignty of nations.

Creating a world for peace

The Secretary General of the historic Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) affirmed that «The world we want to create must be for peace, understanding, fraternal understanding, solidarity, cooperation and coexistence as a human community…»

In this sense, the Latin American president explained that in this coexistence, “the advances of science and technology must be shared and it is aimed at promoting justice and equitable development, that is, the good of all.

He also highlighted the commitment and responsibility of the People’s Republic of China, the Communist Party of China and its leader, Xi Jinping, «who approaches our countries and peoples with respect, seeking the essential communications and constructive coordination to continue advancing in cooperation for work, well-being, prosperity and security…”

Daniel Ortega: We continue to fight the essential battles to defend Peace

The propriety with which Ortega highlights the defense of peace is preceded by solid and irrefutable arguments evidenced throughout the history of Nicaragua, a country located in the heart of Central America, which has suffered wars, interference and military interventions perpetrated by the United States.

This time, on these aspects, he highlighted the role of the People’s Republic of China «in every initiative that promotes civilizational growth and joint, learning to continue assuming our full rights and freedoms, participating in all just causes and everything that defines us as what we are: industrious, courageous, courageous, noble peoples, and firm and consistent defenders of peace, justice and development, in a multipolar world”.

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Ortega, top leader of the Sandinista Revolution, recognized internationally for the important development achievements in Nicaraguan society, thanked the president of the Asian giant, Xi Jinping, for «permanently promoting forms of communication and efforts like this, to oppose dominance, to unipolarity, to injustice, and to continue sharing languages ​​and actions that assert these paths of encounter, brotherhood and unity for the common good”.