Daniel Ortega warns that dialogues with the empire are a death sentence
The Sandinista leader, Daniel Ortega, specified that for the United States, the essence of its hegemony is non-negotiable.

The Latin American leader and Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, denounced that dialogue with the United States is equivalent to a death sentence, arguing that capitalism and oppression is something non-negotiable for North American representatives. 

From Caracas, Venezuela, and surrounded by different leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean who participated in the tenth anniversary of the death of Hugo Chavez Frias; the Nicaraguan president recounted how the assassination of the National Hero of Nicaragua, General Augusto C. Sandino, was perpetrated treacherously and ordered by Washington, after holding talks and peace agreements, in February 1934, with the president, Juan Bautista Sacasa; and the head of the National Guard, Anastasio Somoza Garcia.

“There is a famous portrait of Somoza and Sandino embracing. The Judas embrace, the betrayal embrace, because Somoza was nothing more than the instrument of the Yankees and Sacasa also a useful instrument. We would say that Sacasa was not in favor of Sandino’s assassination, he believed in dialogue and peace and invited Sandino to dinner on February 21, 1934 to finish signing the peace accords…”, Ortega described.

The president continued detailing that after the meeting with Sacasa, «Sandino is coming down to return to his house where he was staying in Managua, right there he was captured by order of the Yankee empire represented by the gringo ambassador in Nicaragua and Somoza executed the betrayal…».

With the capture and assassination of General Sandino, the Central American president affirmed that “that is why we have learned throughout history that dialogues with the empire are a death sentence. Accepting dialogues with the empire is like wanting to buy sweets in hell…»

«How do they speak proposing dialogues, at this moment the greatest murderers in history propose dialogues, when they go everywhere they propose dialogue and go with the dagger to try to destroy, assassinate because for them the hegemony of the Yankee empire, the essence of that hegemony, which is capitalism and the oppression of the peoples, is something non-negotiable…”, emphasized the head of the State of Nicaragua.

The UN supports aggressions, terrorism and blockades

In the historic meeting in Venezuelan territory, Daniel Ortega also questioned the false democracy and the functioning of the United Nations(UN), denouncing that the organization supports aggression, terrorism and blockades against countries that are not aligned with the policies of the United States.

«What democracy? If in the United Nations, there are 180 countries, up to 190 countries have been against the blockade (to Cuba), that is, the vast majority of the countries of the world and nothing happens, the blockade continues,” he denounced.

In this context, Ortega pointed out that Cuba has gone through and withstood a difficult period; “We already know how heroic Cuba has resisted, how it resists, 60 years of blockade there, and what does the United Nations do? Nothing! Nothing!» He asserted.

Ortega continued without hesitation, and warned about the coercive actions and violations of human rights promoted by the UN, arguing that this serves «to encourage, back, support aggression, terrorism against the people, blockade against the people.»

In this sense, he expressed that the international entity is used by Washington, «to insult, slander, condemn the heroic peoples, who defend their dignity like the Venezuelan people, like the Cuban people, like the Nicaraguan people, like the peoples of the world.», who are not willing to submit to the Yankee empire.”

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The Bolivian leader, Evo Morales, present at the event, also considered that “the best tribute we can give to Chavez is to be revolutionary and anti-imperialist. Do not betray the struggle of the peoples, act with unity and never trust the enemies of humanity…»

In addition, the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, rejected the coercive policies imposed by the United States, «we condemn the unjust and illegal sanctions that have been imposed on the Government and the people of Venezuela,» he said.

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In this sense, the president of Venezuela referred to the United States that «the empire believed that it could impose its colonial model, but we have said: no to the imperial model! and said yes to the sovereign homeland model!»