The history of US interventions to prevent the construction of an interoceanic canal in Nicaragua, told through AI.

Using new and modern technological applications such as the use of AI, the JP+ Communication Agency illustrated a historic speech by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, in which he denounces the permanent interference of the United States to avoid the construction of an interoceanic canal in that Latin American country.

 The audiovisual piece generated with Artificial Intelligence, entitled «The US obsession with the Nicaraguan Canal», is based on the statement made by the Nicaraguan president during the visit of his counterpart from Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, on June 13, 2023.

This audiovisual material positions JP+ among one of Latin America’s pioneering media in creative production adapted to current trends in New Information and Communication Technologies.

In addition, the news agency has ventured into different visual formats, using Artificial Intelligence, to innovatively inform its followers on different virtual platforms.

 In the creative product «The US obsession with the Nicaraguan Canal,» the complaint of the Sandinista leader, Daniel Ortega, about how the different US governments throughout history, have intervened to obstruct the construction of an interoceanic canal in Nicaragua. 

 In the voice of the president and leader of the Nicaraguan Revolution, Daniel Ortega, the different scenarios in which the maritime megaproject has been affected by US interference are highlighted.

 US expansionists discover the wealth of Nicaragua’s geographical position

“American expansionism came, the United States, through a group of racists, slavers in the 1852’s, came to Nicaragua,» says President Ortega.

 “Nicaragua did not have large quantities of gold as in other countries of the region, but when the conquerors begin to arrive, they discover that in Nicaragua there is a natural passage through which a transit route between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean would open», says Ortega, while the AI gives life to that passage of contemporary geopolitical history.

 The Latin American statesman details that the Americans: took agreement with the traitors who were disputing the government in Nicaragua.

He adds that US businessmen started using Nicaragua because they found that «it was safer and even faster to make the journey by sea from the East Coast of the United States, departing with ships of great capacity at that time, moving the passage towards the East Coast of Nicaragua, there disembarking it, and then embarking them in smaller boats that could transit the lake and the river; on the other side, a big boat was waiting to take the passage to the West Coast of the United States».

 Americans left a tragedy in Nicaragua

However, in his speech, Ortega clarified that the only thing the Americans left Nicaragua was a tragedy. » Over the years, the United States rather launched itself more voraciously against Nicaragua,» seeking control of the Central American nation so that «no other country with Nicaragua can develop that canal,» he said.

 Nicaraguan territory has really «been attacked like no other country in Latin America and the Caribbean, by invasions of American troops from the United States Army, always looking for a way to dominate Nicaragua to have control of that canal route», emphasizes the ruler. 

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In addition, specific that Washington knows that a new canal is necessary, «they do not want the Nicaraguan people to be the owner of that canal. This is the wealth of Nicaragua that has turned the United States into a fierce enemy against Nicaragua because they do not want to lose control,» he said.

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With this audiovisual material, it is evident how the different applications of artificial intelligences, have facilitated various tools in the field of communication, achieving impressive historical and even futuristic pieces, which arouse curiosity, but also consciousness in humanity.