The President of Nicaragua warns about US actions to prevent the construction of an interoceanic canal.

The world’s powers have historically taken an interest in Nicaragua’s geographical position.

Historically, empires have set their eyes on Nicaragua’s geographical and strategic position; and given the possibility of carrying out the Interoceanic Canal Project in Nicaraguan territory, the United States is trying to sabotage it, denounced the president, Daniel Ortega.

The revolutionary leader, in an official speech, detailed that there have been no amounts of gold as in other territories, no greater wealth, only a small country, but the invaders discovered that in Nicaragua there is a natural step, in which a route could be opened between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. This brought Nicaraguans “shame, pain, blood, fire”.

“And what they are looking for is control of Nicaragua, so that no other country can develop that channel”, he said.

Washington intensifies a campaign against canal construction in Nicaragua

The main Sandinista leader illustrated the countless foreign aggressions carried out against Nicaragua since the colonial period, and emphasized the military interventions carried out by Washington.

Ortega warned that the coercive actions of the US governments against Nicaragua have continued for decades and that in recent years they have intensified with voracity.

In addition, he explained that “the Panama Canal needs another transit route, and that is why when we have spoken here in Nicaragua, we have been working to develop the canal, immediately comes the campaign of the enemy forces of the Revolution, of the US government that began with their offensives, to try to prevent that project to be advanced”.

The Nicaraguan leader, a staunch defender of national sovereignty and the self-determination of the people, insisted that the White House seeks to dominate Nicaragua in order to have control of that canal route.

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“They don’t want the Nicaraguan people to own that canal, and this is the element, the wealth of Nicaragua that has turned the United States into a fierce enemy against Nicaragua, because they don’t want to lose control”, Ortega emphasized.

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The head of state of the Central American country, reaffirmed that “Nicaragua has really been a country attacked like none in Latin America and the Caribbean, by invasions of American troops, by the United States Army”.