Daniel Ortega highlights the strengthening of bilateral relations between Nicaragua and Iran.
Daniel Ortega highlights the strengthening of bilateral relations between Nicaragua and Iran.

The meeting between Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega, and his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi, marks a historic milestone in international diplomacy, in which they highlighted the ties of anti-imperialist struggle of both nations. 

The Nicaraguan president said that it is no coincidence that the Iranian Revolution will triumph in 1979, as did the Sandinista in that same decade, and reiterated that they are «twin revolutions of deep roots in the defense of our identity, in the defense of the welfare of our people».

Ortega highlighted the permanent struggle against «the empires that throughout history have tried to seize these lands, these peoples, these continents, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Africa, Asia, Eurasia».

Europe executed the most brutal way in which a human being can be treated

In his statements the Latin American statesman illustrated that «they have always wanted to dominate the world, not for good, but for evil. It is the so-called European civilization, which in past centuries has provided the most brutal way in which a human being, children and entire families can be treated; slavery is the best example of what those who claim to be respectful of human rights actually have».

Furthermore, he reiterated his denunciation to the world that «it is they who traffic slaves and turn human beings into a commodity, transferring them from those regions and then passing through Europe, to transfer also this slave force to these lands, to these continents, who were being dominated under the force of the cross and the sword, in what was a true blasphemy against Christ».

 «They used the cross and the sword to steal the lands of our indigenous ancestors, try to steal their identity, try to steal their hearts and souls,» said the leader of the Sandinista Revolution.

Nicaragua, fight against foreign intervention

In this context, Ortega reminded the indigenous heroes of our anti-imperialist struggles, the caciques Nicarao and Diriangén, who 500 years ago defended these lands from the rule of the colonizers. 

He also highlighted the patriotic defense of national heroes: Andrés Castro, José Santos Zelaya, Benjamín Zeledón; and General Augusto C. Sandino, maximum symbol of anti-imperialism in Nicaragua.

In this way, the head of the Nicaraguan State illustrated the history of foreign aggression against Nicaragua, and the decades of interventions by the United States, assuring that they have been executed for the important geographical position that the Central American country has.  

In this sense, he explained that there have not been quantities of gold as in other territories, nor greater wealth, only a small country, but the invaders discovered that in Nicaragua there is a natural step, through which a transit route could be opened between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. This brought Nicaraguans «shame, pain, blood, fire».

 The United States attacks Nicaragua more voraciously

Ortega denounced that the years have passed, and the United States, rather launched itself with greater voracity against Nicaragua. «And what they are looking for is control of Nicaragua, so that no other country can develop that channel,» he said.

 «The Panama Canal needs another transit route, and that is why when we have spoken here in Nicaragua, we have been working to develop the Canal, immediately comes the campaign of the enemy forces of the Revolution, of the US government that began their offensives, to try to prevent that project from walking,» the Nicaraguan leader warned.

In addition, he added that «Nicaragua has really been a country attacked like none in LatinAmerica and the Caribbean by invasions of American troops, of the Unite States Army».

Ortega concluded his historic speech, denouncing that Washington is always looking to dominate Nicaragua in order to have control of that canal route, «They don’t want the Nicaraguan people to be the owner of that canal and this is the element, the wealth of Nicaragua that has turned the United States into a fierce enemy against Nicaragua, because they don’t want to lose control».

 Iran’s President Backs Nicaragua’s Anti-Imperialist Struggle

In his statement, the Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, agreed with the position of Daniel Ortega, and recognized the importance of the struggle against foreign intervention carried out from Nicaragua.

«I pay tribute and respect to the national heroes of our brother and friend, Nicaragua. I also pay my respect to the heroic, patient, resilient and fighting people of Nicaragua,» said the leader of the Middle East country.

Raisi told President Ortega «our people know very well the struggles and the efforts and movements of the Nicaraguan people. You fought imperialism and triumphed. You fought against the looting, the illegitimate demands and desires of imperialism, and you triumphed. You, during all these years, resisted against the conspiracies of imperialism and triumphed.»

He also warned that those in the West and in the United States who claim to be democratic and defend democracy, act in reverse, and do not respect countries and governments that are always elected with the popular vote of their peoples.

 The Iranian president stressed the similarity between the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the Sandinista Revolution of the Nicaraguan people. «The Movement for Justice, Independence and Freedom are the principles that both revolutions have in common».

 Finally, in his address, Raisi explained that relations between Nicaragua and Iran are not usual, traditional, they are completely strategic. » We want to increase and deepen our relations in all political, economic, cultural areas and in all areas, mainly in Science and Technology,» he emphasized.