Drag queen shows banned in Tennessee, US
Tennessee is the state that has approved the banning of drag queen shows in public or in front of minors

In Tennessee, US, the drag queen shows are prohibited in public, this is the first state in the US that bans these shows in front of minors.

Bill Lee, the governor of Tennessee, approved the law in the Senate which “limits adult cabaret shows, and those that include go-go dancers, topless dancers, strippers, and male or female impersonators who provide entertainment appealing to prurient interest”.

This law will have effect on July 1, and it is the first of many regulations presented in the senate.

Another law that has been approved but not in force, is about to prevent minors from accessing gender-affirming medications or surgeries.

Minors who are currently in that process, have until March 21, 2024, to complete it, after the law takes effect on July 31.

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However, the LGBT community has rejected these measures saying that are a discrimination against the community and even the US constitution.