Evangelical congregations reject Pope Francis' pronouncement on Nicaragua
The Evangelical Church pronounces itself against the statements of Pope Francis, on political issues related to Nicaragua.

Leaders representing hundreds of evangelical churches in Nicaragua, through a letter addressed to the citizens, have rejected the pronouncements of Pope Francis about the country and the president, Daniel Ortega. In addition, they affirmed that the solution to the earthly and spiritual situations of Nicaraguans would never come from Washington or from Rome.  

The religious at the head of more than 200 congregations, affirmed in their public letter that «with deep pain and sadness we have learned of the words pronounced by Pope Francis against our president, about temporary disputes of sin that have to do more with the kingdom of this world than with the affairs of the Kingdom of God.»

In this regard they referred «in my father’s business, I need to be» as the child Jesus told his parents who were looking for him all over Jerusalem».

The problems of Nicaragua are not solved neither in Washington nor in Rome

«The solution to our earthly and spiritual problems can never come, neither from Washington nor from Rome, but from the one who said, “I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance”, the religious leaders stressed.  

Likewise, they argued that they do not consider themselves judges, but they assured that it is their duty to «raise our pastoral and prophetic voice in these times of enormous challenges for our people.»

In this sense, the Congregation of Evangelical Pastors explained in its statement that «we note the suffering of the people of Nicaragua, caused by temporary powers of sin, which according to biblical prophecy, are clearly typified in the Holy Scriptures in the prophecies of Daniel» and in the visions of John of Patmos.

The issued document explains that Christian teachings «would not leave us in the uncertainty of knowing the powerful machines of sin, that through economic, military and religious forces, today control the fate, life and death of millions of human beings who do not live a dignified life, thanks to the machinations of the kingdoms of this world”.

In addition, it affirms that «the root of the problem is not in the struggle for power between the Nicaraguan government and the opponents supported by exogenous forces that have historically afflicted the people of Nicaragua for more than 10 generations.»   

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In this context, it details that «a large part of our economic hardships are due to human factors, the product of imperial conspiracies that clearly point to apocalyptic beasts.»

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The CNPEN representatives called on the spiritual leaders of Nicaragua to «abandon lifestyles that offend the humble.» And finally, they reminded the words of the renowned preacher, David Vicente Spencer, who told the Nicaraguan authorities, in February 2018, “And if God is with you, who can be against you? They can get in the way, but they won’t beat you.»