Former Pink Floyd band member dresses as a Nazi during concert
Roger Waters, former bassist of the British band Pink Floyd, is under investigation due to a costume he wore during a concert

Roger Waters, former Pink Floyd band member, is being investigated by German police for wearing Nazi attire during a concert at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

Waters was seen wearing a long black coat and a red armband. The artist also pointed an imitation machine gun at the audience.

Police authorities have said that once the allegations have been investigated, the issue will be passed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office who will decide how to proceed with the former bassist.

In Germany, the use of symbols, apart from displaying Nazi flags and uniforms, is prohibited, except for schools or historical and artistic reasons according to the law.

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In addition, the Israeli Foreign Ministry has criticized the musician, as he desecrated names of Jews murdered in the Holocaust by displaying them on screen during the concert.

Rogers has defended himself by saying that Berlin wants to stain and silence him because they do not agree with his moral principles and political views, claiming that he has worn this type of clothing since 1980 on all his tours.