Game-changing $1 hangover pill has finally arrived in the U.S.
Inside these miracle pills work the probiotic supplement that claims rapidly breaks down alcohol before it reaches the liver.

Myrkl hangover pill was created to help you to wake up feeling your best next day and stop you from getting a hangover. It´s really cheap just one dollar and it is already available in North America.

The most dreadful part of drunken nights is the morning after. The feeling changes a holly jolly soul to a parched partridge overnight, a throbbing headache complemented by a sluggish and out of thoughts vision.

The pill is a supplement that claims rapidly break down alcohol in the gut before it reaches the liver. It will allow people to enjoy a few drinks in the evening without feeling the effects the next. It is a prevention pill which has to be taken before drinking.

According to the pharma company up to 70% of alcohol is broken down after 60 minutes for the maximum effect drinkers are advised to take two pills at least two hours before consuming alcohol

 Frederic Fernandez, Head of Group at Myrkl: “With the holiday season fast-approaching, we know this product will be a game-changer for those moderate social drinkers.”

He went on to explain that it will allow you to ‘not only wake up feeling their best the next day’, but also ‘avoid developing a beer belly’ or setting yourself back ‘in terms of their health and fitness goals’.

All of Myrkl hangover pill’s ingredients are FDA-approved; the formulation is the result of 30 years of research and development and contains proprietary bacteria, L-cysteine, and vitamin B12.

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Inside these miracle pills work the probiotic supplement which contains two gut-friendly bacteria bacillus sotalis and bacillus coagulants produced by fermented rice bran, these bacteria naturally break down alcohol into water and carbon dioxide, and an acid-resistant capsule protects the bacteria from the stomach´s natural acid, they reach the intestine where most of the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream.

For maximum effectiveness, two of the pills should be taken before tucking into a cocktail or pint.