Gen-Z suffer from mental health
A study by Harmony Healthcare IT shows that the Gen-Z has more mental health than other generations

According to a study made by Harmony Healthcare IT, 42% of Gen-Z people suffer from mental health, which includes anxiety, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The recent research by the data management company, published that Gen-Z have been diagnosed with some type of mental disorder and it was a survey conducted to 1,055 people, ages 18 to 24, last September, including 45% women, 6% non-binary and 2% transgender.

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In the study, the researchers found that 42% of the Gen-Z have a diagnosed mental health condition; 1 in 4 were diagnosed with a mental health condition during the pandemic; 68% feel the pandemic has negatively affected their mental health, and 57% are currently taking medication for their mental health condition, adding that this generation pays $44 on average every month for medication.

The Gen-Z was born and grew up in an age where social media has existed, that is why the study also showed that this generation has mental health in virtual world, spending an average of 4 hours a day on social media every day because they started using social media around 12 years old, and 18% started using social media at 10 years old or younger.

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The research has shown that this Gen-Z has been the center of the events in the world, such as the pandemic which has a huge impact on the future of technology, healthcare and even mental health. The first step in dealing with mental health is to open up to inner struggles and challenges, and always remember that you are never alone.