Volunteers of the 100YR CLEANUP movement on top of a garbage pyramid
Volunteers of the 100YR CLEANUP movement on top of a garbage pyramid

A movement called “100YR CLEANUP” has led a mission which is about reducing waste from Nile River, and that is why a group of volunteers have built a pyramid with garbage to highlight the importance of protecting the environment and saving marine life to combat climate change.

Built in Cairo, the immense structure took five days to build, weighs a whooping of 20 tons and made using the equivalent of 1 million plastic water bottles collected from the river.

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Egypt is preparing to host this year the COP27 event in November in Sharm El-Sheik, and this inauguration marked the beginning of this movement in partnership with VeryNile, a non-governmental organization dedicated to protect the world’s largest river, the Nile.

Mike Smith, the founder of the organization “100YR CLEANUP”, has said they can’t fix the plastic problem alone, but they can give everyone the ability to take action, that is why he decided to camp out on the top of the pyramid for three days to call for support from people and businesses to join the movement.

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Other movements such as Zero Co and The Hidden Sea, have the aim to collect $1 million for the “100YR CLEANUP” organization for the next 12 months that will remove 15 million bottles of water and improve the mission year by year for the next 100 years.