There are a number of denunciations of the United States for crimes against Nicaragua, according to the Alliance for Global Justice.

 With a long list of evidence on the aggressions perpetrated by Washington against Nicaragua, the Alliance for Global Justice, a human rights organization based in the United States, demands a halt to crimes against the Latin American nation.

 US guilty of human rights abuses against Nicaragua

The organization on international justice, in a broad statement, highlighted that in June, the International People’s Tribunal on American Imperialism, found the United States «guilty of human rights abuses, including unjustifiable war against the people and sovereign nation of Nicaragua».

 It also indicated that the Court argued that the actions of the White House towards Nicaragua, mainly «attempts to institute an illegal regime change in that nation, constitute serious and continuous abuses of the human and civil rights of the Nicaraguan people and are also illegal and unprovoked incursions against a sovereign state».

 In this context, AFGJ demanded in its official declaration, justice for Nicaragua and an end to the continuous human rights abuses by the US government.

Among its arguments is the report “Human Rights in the United States”: Report 2022, which details «the continuous acts of oppression and genocide of the United States against its own citizens, in addition to its attacks against Nicaragua and other nations», emphasized the international body.

 This is how the United States has attacked Nicaragua

 Natalia Burdyńska-Schuurman, a member of the AGGJ, specified that «the sanctions against Nicaragua were instituted in 1985 by the Reagan administration and constituted an act of economic war».

In addition, Burdyńska-Schuurman added that «the sanctions of the 1980s resulted in a chronic shortage of basic necessities, hyperinflation and economic destabilization. They disproportionately affected the poorest and most vulnerable: children, the elderly and the sick. The sanctions caused poverty and social unrest».

 On the most recent coercive actions of Washington, Burdyńska-Schuurman, said that they have «slowed development and posed serious challenges to the nation’s response to COVID-19 and to the provision of assistance after the catastrophes caused by hurricanes». 

In this sense, the AFGJ referred to the denunciation made by Nicaragua, before a hearing of the International People’s Court, on the aggressions of the US government, from the decade of the 80’s until 2018.

 Complaint to the International People’s Court

 At the hearing, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Nicaragua, Alba Luz Ramos, along with other Nicaraguan representatives, reiterated the denunciations of all Washington’s actions against the Nicaraguan people.

 The Tribunal also heard detailed testimony from other Nicaraguan citizens who testified about their imprisonment, torture and mutilation by the coup forces,» the Alliance for Global Justice said.

«The Alliance for Global Justice joins the people of Nicaragua and its millions of sympathizers around the world to demand an immediate end to the sanctions against Nicaragua by the United States. AFGJ and the people of Nicaragua call on the peoples of the world to condemn these actions, along with any other military or other attacks against Nicaragua».

The report refers to the extensively documented and detailed descriptions of the historical and current violations of human rights by the United States, including: Extrajudicial executions and torture, unjust arrests and detentions in the United States».

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The United States often uses political imprisonment against anyone who opposes human rights violations under its authority. In the chapter of the report on political targeting and repression, our analysis of political prisoners in the United States, examines the political imprisonment in the country, the new massive wave of political imprisonment of anti-racist activists and the intersections of racism, classism and imperialism that lead to the imprisonment of those who dare to demand fairness, justice and an end to white supremacy.

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 The United States currently houses some 120 political prisoners. 67% are people of color and 95% are imprisoned for anti-racist resistance, including at least 84 people jailed for their participation in the 2014 and 2020 Black Lives Matter uprisings», quoted the communiqué of the human rights organization based in the United States.