The International People’s Tribunal compiled the complaints of the aggressions of the United States in Nicaragua

Victims of the US aggressions in Nicaragua gave their testimony before a special hearing of the Court

Nicaragua denounced before a hearing of the International People’s Tribunal, a long list of aggressions perpetrated by the United States, from the 1980s to 2018, through its harmful interventionist and warmongering policy.

Victims from the Central American country, during the hearing, presented their testimony about the attacks they suffered from the United States.

The president of the Nicaraguan Supreme Court of Justice, Alba Luz Ramos, recounted all the attacks by the United States against the Nicaraguan people since the 80’s.

In this sense, she recapitulated the events that occurred in 1982, when the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States recruited and trained more than 1,000 mercenaries to attack Nicaragua.

Virtual Session of the International Tribunal of Peoples on Nicaragua. Photo: El 19 Digital.

«There were attacks at the borders, the use of armed force, the use of explosives at airports and airlines, the destruction of bridges, refineries, the violation of airspace by military aircraft, and the mining of the country’s ports,» she explained.

The US has the obligation to pay Nicaragua

The head of Justice of the Central American nation specified that «in the last 37 years, Nicaragua has participated as an actor or defendant in 12 cases before the International Court of Justice» against the United States.

In addition, she recalled that, in April 1984, the Government of Nicaragua sued the United States before the International Court of Justice, «for making use of military force, intervening and violating the sovereignty of this country.»

Members of the People’s Court, groups of activists and academics, and internationalists participated in the virtual meeting.  

In this sense, she said that “the United States has the obligation to pay Nicaragua in its own right and for the damages and deaths caused to citizens; as well as reparations for the damage suffered by people, goods and the economy”, as determined by The Hague in its latest resolution.

During this hearing at the International People’s Tribunal, citizen Brenda Rocha Chacón filed a complaint against the United States for financing counterrevolutionary elements that shot her when she was barely 15 years old.

US-funded mercenaries shot her

When offering her testimony, Rocha indicated that, in the context of the war financed by the United States in Nicaragua, in 1982, she lost his right arm as a result of 14 shots. She sadly recalled having seen 7 other militiamen who were her companions dying.

The Nicaraguan, Brenda Rocha, giving her testimony before the International People’s Tribunal as a victim of aggression by the United States. 

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«Seeing each companion die is a pain that does not go away, it is there, it hurts, it hurts, they left children, mothers, wives, families, for an imposed war, an unjust war against a people who love peace,» she said.

Nicaragua condemns US coercive policy

Minister Iván Acosta, representative of the Government of Nicaragua, raised before the International People’s Court the historical, legal and moral foundations that Nicaragua has, to denounce the North American nation.

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«We went to this Court to accuse imperialism, in all its manifestations and aggressions,» said Acosta, who indicated that Nicaragua supports the general position of the Court when condemning the US sanctions, blockades and coercive measures.