Students in Greece protest against police in universities, a law created by the Greek government.

In Athens, Greece, altercations started between students, who gathered in front of the faculty of Political Science in Propylaea square, and riot police officers after hundreds of students protest against the conservative government to introduce police in campuses at the beginning of September.

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Some brigades were going to be sent to start police patrol in campuses, but were stopped by hundreds of students who gathered daily at the entrances.

After this event, riot police had to intervene to protect university police from the protesters, using tear gas to disperse the crowd.

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In the last two months the two most important universities of the country have opposed to this measure creating tensions between the police and students.

At the beginning of last year, the Conservative government approved a law that created the university police, whose officers do not use guns but handcuffs and bulletproofs vest, according to executives, these ones have followed some special training.