Nicaragua with greater safety and ability to treat efficiently in spinal and cranial surgeries.
Nicaragua with greater safety and ability to treat efficiently in spinal and cranial surgeries.

The Military Hospital school «Dr. Alejandro Dávila Bolaños» in Nicaragua, has presented a pioneering system aimed at improving precision in spinal surgery and neurosurgical procedures.

This technological advance, launched in Nicaragua, strengthens the safety and effectiveness of surgical procedures of this type.

This novel system consists of modern operating rooms equipped with surgical tables specially designed for cranial and spinal surgeries. These provide advanced safety functions and increased carrying capacity, adaptable to various anatomies.

They also have a special structure that minimizes displacement in the surgical field, improving visibility and optimizing the time of procedures.

The characteristics of the new surgical equipment

Colonel Noel Vladimir Turcios, second chief of the Military Medical Corps and director of the Military Hospital, highlighted the characteristics of this system.

Turcios pointed out that the modular double column platform allows an interchangeable positioning of the patient, especially in diagnostic spine imaging procedures and orthopedic traumatology.

It has advanced digital control of movements, optimizing surgical time and minimizing possible human errors,» emphasized the doctor.

This operating table, built with carbon fiber and modular padding, adapts to various anatomies, providing an optimal platform to perform microsurgeries and treat conditions such as brain tumors and aneurysms.

Greater optimization in surgeries

Luis Roberto Zapata, Head of Neurosurgery and Subspecialist Service in Skull Base Surgery, explained the specific advantages for neurosurgery. The table allows movements on the «X» and «Y» axis of the head, facilitating the performance of surgeries of complex brain tumors.

In addition, the lifting capacity of the table is up to 40 centimeters from the floor, which provides comfort to the surgeon to perform procedures in sitting position.

The doctor, Dorian Alejandrino Pereira, a specialist in Neurosurgery, emphasized the characteristics of the Trios operating table, which is considered the most advanced in the world for conventional and complex column surgeries.

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This table will help us in both safety, efficiency and precision during the performance of spinal and spinal surgery,» said Pereira.

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This system revolutionizes safety, efficiency and precision in spinal and spinal interventions, representing an advance in the surgical technology of the Central American country.