Gaza suffers the most aggressive bombing by Israel, media outlets report.

An unprecedented attack by air, sea and land is being suffered by the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza, carried out by the Israeli Army, according to different media outlets that are on the ground of the conflict.

A war correspondent for the Qatari news network, Al Jazeera, described the current Israeli military attack as the “heaviest bombardment by land, sea and air since the beginning of the war.”

Unprecedented bombing of Gaza

The WAFA media outlet detailed that “in the last hour, Israeli occupation planes launched violent and unprecedented raids on the Gaza Strip, along with the bombardment of occupation artillery and its warships, which led to the complete interruption of communication networks and the Internet”.

Likewise, in its report it specified: “A series of television channels that transmit the evolution of events have come to rely on satellites to transmit the image and communicate with their correspondents, since normal or Internet-based communications are «They have stopped.»

In this context, the Time of Gaza, emphasized from its official account on the social network X that “accompanied by a total blackout of telecommunications services, Israeli fighter jets launch the most violent series of air strikes against the Gaza Strip”.

Israeli Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated that “in addition to the attacks carried out in recent days, ground forces are expanding their operations tonight”. Furthermore, he added that they have increased their attacks “in a very significant way”, according to Al-Arabiya.

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For its part, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, denounced Israeli forces for “perpetrating massacres with bloody retaliatory attacks from the air, land and sea,” Al-Arabiya detailed. Likewise, it is reported that Hamas, through social networks, assured that in response to Israel’s aggression they began attacks against Tel Aviv.

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Prior to the recording of the aggressive bombing, classified as the worst since the escalation of the conflict, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that around 7,300 Palestinians have been killed, including more than 2,900 children, and that more than 17,000 have been injured as a result. of the Israeli attacks.