Hydroelectric Projects included in agreements between China and Nicaragua, for their development in the Latin American nation.

Strategic cooperation between China and Nicaragua advances with the development of agreements that include the construction of mega road projects and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the Mojolka and Tumarin hydroelectric projects in the Latin American nation.

The vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, made official that representatives who are in the People’s Republic of China are holding talks with businessmen from the Asian country, finishing at least eight large-scale agreements, and confirmed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Mojolka and Tumarin Hydroelectric Projects with the Chinese state company Huadian Overseas Investment.

Nicaragua confirms Memorandum of Understanding for hydroelectric projects

Murillo assured that “the Memorandum of Understanding has already been signed with the Chinese Company Huadian Overseas Investment, which goes beyond China and is one of the largest and with the longest track record in design projects, for financing and construction of generation projects of Tumarín and Mojolka electrical energy”.

In recent statements, the leader of the Latin American nation also detailed that within the framework of the III Belt and Road Forum held in Beijing, “we are going to sign a Memorandum for the studies, designs and construction of a Managua-Masaya-Granada Railway, “We are also going to formulate the Managua-Corinto-Bluefields Railway Master Plan.”

In this context she assured: “We will sign a Cooperation Agreement for Road Projects, this is with the Chinese company CCCCI; The first, which is the Railway, is with the Chinese company, CCECC. And then we would have the expansion of the Guanacaste-Nandaime-Rivas and Rivas-Sapoá Highway.”

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The Nicaraguan vice president highlighted the process of creating a “Framework Agreement for the Coastal Coastal Highway Project, Phase 2, with the Chinese state company, CSCEC.” In addition, he reported that a contract was signed for the reconstruction, expansion and improvement of the Punta Huete “Panchito” International Airport, with the company CAMCE Ingenieros.

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The Government of Nicaragua emphasized that meetings will be held with the companies of the Asian giant, Yutong and CSCEC, to follow up on the bus supply agreements and the housing project in Nicaragua.