Nicaraguan authorities confirm agreement with China for the construction of an International Airport.

Nicaragua became the first nation in Latin America and the Caribbean to consolidate a megaproject in cooperation with China, with the agreement to reconstruct, expand and improve the Punta Huete International Airport, known as “Panchito.”

Within the framework of the Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative held in the Asian giant, a high delegation of representatives of the Nicaraguan government signed with the Chinese company CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd, the contract for “Reconstruction, Expansion and Improvement from the Punta Huete International Airport.”

Nicaragua would sign eight megaprojects with China

The agreement for this megaproject, according to a statement from the Government led by the president, Daniel Ortega, «is one of eight contracts that will be signed this week» and highlighted that it is «the only project approved for Latin America and the Caribbean, which shows the “strategic and mutually beneficial relationship between China and Nicaragua.”

The written statement of the Latin American country detailed: “Signed within the framework of the Tenth Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, this important air connectivity project will be a fundamental pillar to promote communication, exchange, tourism and trade between Nicaragua and the World.”

Nicaragua is in the process of consolidating more large-scale agreements with China.

In that sense, he added that conceived as a 4F international airport, “Punta Huete will have the capacity to serve up to 3.5 million passengers annually, who will be able to arrive in the country on larger aircraft. «It will reduce the number of air connections between Nicaragua and Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania, turning our country into an attractive destination for tourists from these continents”.

Mega project of the airport in Nicaragua, another milestone in cooperative relations with China

The signing of the agreement on the International Airport between Beijing and Managua was signed by the head of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, General Oscar Mojica, and by the president of China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd, Wang Bo. The representatives of both nations agreed that “the negotiation and signing of the construction contract for the Punta Huete Airport constitutes another milestone in the relations between China and Nicaragua, which are becoming stronger every day, under the care and direct attention of Comrade Xi. Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, Commander Daniel Ortega, President of the Republic of Nicaragua and Fellow Vice President Rosario Murillo.”

High delegation from Nicaragua participates in the III Belt and Road Forum held in China.

The vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, confirmed that the consolidation of strategic cooperation agreements with the Asian nation is in process, among which a railway project, a railway, the restoration of an airport, development in the hydroelectric area and construction stood out. of roads.

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“Within the logic of the Forum we are going to sign a Memorandum for the studies, designs and construction of a Managua-Masaya-Granada Railway, we are also going to formulate the Managua-Corinto-Bluefields Railway Master Plan. We will sign a Cooperation Agreement for Road Projects, this is with the Chinese company CCCCI; The first, which is the Railway, is with the Chinese company, CCECC. And then we would have the expansion of the Guanacaste-Nandaime-Rivas and Rivas-Sapoa Highway”, described the vice president.

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In addition, the Nicaraguan leader confirmed that a “Framework Agreement for the Coastal Coastal Highway Project, Phase 2, is being developed with the Chinese state company, CSCEC. And the Memorandum for the Mojolka and Tumarín Hydroelectric Projects, with the Chinese state company Huadian Overseas Investment. Likewise, he stressed that the contract for the reconstruction, expansion and improvement of the Punta Huete “Panchito” International Airport was signed with the Chinese state company, CAMCE Ingenieros.