“They said more than 100 children and more than 100 women were among those killed in the Israeli airstrikes,” Rushdi Abu Alouf, war correspondent.

Israel’s bombings against Palestine have plunged the civilian population into humanitarian chaos, where thousands have died, including more than 100 children and an equal number of women, during the Israeli army’s retaliation.

According to an article by the international news network BBC New Mundo, Rushdi Abu Alouf, war correspondent in Gaza, assured that the Palestinian Ministry of Health highlighted that the number of deaths during the perpetration of attacks reached 700. “They said that more than 100 children and more than 100 women were among those killed in the Israeli airstrikes,” he explained.

Alouf added that «yesterday there was the highest number of deaths in a single day in a long time: about 300. The Ministry of Health said this morning that two-thirds were civilians.»

The worst in 20 years

“I live in a residential building with about 20 families. The children were screaming all night and no one slept for a moment,” explained the correspondent, who also stated that in two decades “covering this area, it is the worst I have witnessed.”

The journalist mentioned that, when he went out into the street, after the attacks by Israel, it was difficult for him to recognize some of the destroyed structures and buildings, as well as neighborhoods that had been left in “flattened” ruins.

Siege on Gaza will be devastating

The article also cited the British surgeon, Abdul Qadir Hammad, who arrived in the Gaza Strip on a humanitarian mission and witnessed the terror following the Israeli attacks against the Gazan civilian population.

«When I come here, my goal is to save three, four, maybe five lives through kidney transplants. But it’s easy to kill 2,000 people in two days,» he said.

Hammad, a volunteer member of the International Transplant Initiative, based in the English city of Liverpool, said he woke up “to sounds of explosions” on the day he intended to perform his first surgery.

According to the news channel, the British doctor said that the blockade and siege against the Gaza Strip will be devastating for the inhabitants of the place and, above all, will make care in hospitals difficult, added to the fact that there have been «continuous air attacks and bombings since then”.

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The surgeon is in a UN facility, along with twenty other foreigners. Likewise, he stated that the facilities currently have food and electricity.

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According to the figure compiled by the United Nations, the number of displaced people is about 200,000 Palestinians and more people are expected to leave their homes as the conflict between Palestine and Israel drags on.