Russia describes the armed actions of Palestine and Israel as a failure of US policy.
Russia describes the armed actions of Palestine and Israel as a failure of US policy.

The leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, warned that the failure of United States policy in the Middle East led to the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, by imposing a monopolized solution.

Putin expressed: “The Ukrainian crisis also continues, and unfortunately we see a sharp escalation of the situation in the Middle East. I think many will agree with me that this is a clear example of the failure of US policy in the Middle East, which tried to monopolize the solution, but, unfortunately, did not bother to find compromises acceptable to both sides.

Likewise, he referred to the actions of the United States to pressure both parties and impose their idea, despite the decision of the United Nations Security Council to create a Palestinian State, which has not been fulfilled by Israel, which maintains occupied territories of that nation.

“Precisely to both (parties), one or the other, but each time without taking into account the fundamental interests of the Palestinian people. I am referring, first of all, to the need to implement the decisions of the UN Security Council on the creation of a sovereign and independent Palestinian state,” Putin stressed.

The Russian president called on the forces of Israel and Palestine to reduce damage to the civilian population to a minimum, given the growing number of dead and injured people in the context of the armed escalation.

Total siege against Gaza

Recently, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant ordered a complete siege against the Gaza Strip, which would lead to the suspension of supplies of water, food, electricity and fuel, in addition to bombings in settlements widely populated by civilians.

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“As the conflict intensifies, civilians, including children and vulnerable families, face increasing difficulties in accessing basic food. Distribution networks are disrupted and food production seriously affected by hostilities,” said the authorities of the UN World Food Program.

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According to the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees, more than 120,000 civilians living in the Gaza Strip have abandoned their homes in order to safeguard their lives amid Israeli attacks.