Nicaragua highlights progress in attention to visual disabilities.
Nicaragua highlights progress in attention to visual disabilities.

Nicaragua with extensive achievements in visual health. Between 2007 and 2023, the Government of Daniel Ortega guaranteed comprehensive care free of charge to 6 million 606 thousand 914 patients, and 3 million 572 thousand 342 children received preventive Vitamin “A” against eye problems.

Through the emblematic “All With Voice” program promoted and executed through the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health in coordination with other institutions, comprehensive, specialized and free care for people with visual disabilities in the Latin American country was carried out with encouraging results.

During the administration of the Sandinista government, a total of 23,267 people with visual disabilities have been certified and ID carded, and they receive specialized care, which has transformed their lives in a positive way, says the Health Union in Nicaragua.

The Nicaraguan authorities have highlighted important milestones within the “Everyone With a Voice” Program. In this sense, government data shows that 1,883,882 ophthalmological care has been provided; Also 393,780 children have been visually examined as part of the National «Healthy School» Campaign, detecting 3,734 children with alterations, who received immediate attention.

The Nicaraguan Ministry of Health also reported that 367,580 lenses have been delivered, also free of charge, 319,342 ophthalmological surgeries have been performed and 48,878 eyeball prostheses have been provided.

Training and Preparation

Training has been an important focus for the Nicaraguan Health System, in which 12,766 members of the Community Network have received preparation to perform visual acuity exams and detect other ocular pathologies such as cataracts or pterygium.

Likewise, the Government of Daniel Ortega highlights that 8,344 health professionals have been trained, including ophthalmologists, sub-specialists, optometrists, among others. On the other hand, the infrastructure has been modernized with cutting-edge buildings, such as the CENAO National Ophthalmology Center, in the Nicaraguan capital; and the Sandino Ophthalmological Hospital founded in 2007.

Another notable achievement in advances for visual health is the “Carlos Fonseca Amador Ophthalmological Center”, serving the northern region of Nicaragua since 2010. In addition, the health entity details that it has equipped visual care units in different departments of the nation, with state-of-the-art ophthalmological equipment, thus improving the quality of care in this area.

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Different representatives of the medical sector, when offering statements to local media, have expressed their recognition to the central government for its determined commitment to investment in public hospital care in Nicaragua. This commitment is reflected in the General Budget of the Republic, which allocates 21% of the total, equivalent to approximately 27.3 million dollars, for the health sector.

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In 2022, the Managua Ambulance Center and hospitals throughout the national territory were benefited with an investment of 1.9 million dollars, allocated to the acquisition of 36 ambulances and 24 vans, according to the Ministry of Health.

In addition to all of the above, Nicaragua boasts the largest public hospital infrastructure network in the entire Central American region, with a free health system and highly specialized care for Nicaraguan citizens.