Commitment of the Nicaraguan government for 17 years with free and quality education

Nicaragua showcases noteworthy advancements in the free education system achieved over the past 17 years under the leadership of President Daniel Ortega.

Throughout the country, the Ministry of Education (MINED) has made substantial investments in the construction and renovation of educational centers, ensuring modern and comfortable facilities for both students and teachers.

With an inventory exceeding 9,200 educational centers, MINED has served more than 75% of them, whether through total reconstructions, maintenance, repair of minor works, or the construction of sports facilities, monuments, and murals.

More than 1.8 million students are returning to classes

More than 1.8 million students are returning to classes in 2024, across various educational modalities.

Nicaragua’s Minister of Education, Mendy Araúz, highlighted the achievements of the last 17 years, including the increase in enrollment, provision of textbooks and school packages, training in educational technology for teachers, and the implementation of distance primary and secondary education in rural areas.

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For the year 2024, MINED’s focus on school infrastructure is directed towards maintenance in rural areas through local brigades collaborating with municipal and departmental delegates.

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The Ministry of Education also indicated that this year, 17,214 million cordobas will be invested in basic and secondary education in Nicaragua.