Survey reveals high perception of peace and security in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua, a country with peace and security, according to the vast majority of its citizens.

Citizens in Nicaragua have a high perception of peace, security and positive government management, according to the international firm M&R Consultores, in its most recent public opinion survey in the Latin American nation.

According to the results compiled by M&R Consultores in its 76th edition corresponding to the first quarter of 2024, 94% of Nicaraguans surveyed consider that there is peace in Nicaragua.

Furthermore, 87.8% of the citizens of the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes agree that under “under no circumstances should peace be put at risk,” and 88.3% believe that stability should not be threatened in any way.

Government of Daniel Ortega with high rates of good management

In relation to the management capacity of the Government of Nicaragua led by the president, Daniel Ortega, a large majority of 94.2% stressed that they are aware of the country’s problems, and 93.5% highlighted that the Sandinista ruler has the capacity to solve these problems.

Likewise, the survey indicated that 93.1% consider that the Nicaraguan Executive carries out timely conflict resolution; 93.3% stated that there is good communication with citizens, thus generating trust among the population according to 93.8% of Nicaraguans.

In this context, 81.7% of citizens recognize that the Sandinista ruler takes into account the interests of the population in general, to carry out his government management, a key point for peace, harmony and progress for all sectors in Nicaragua.

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Regarding the opinion on citizen security, specifically the performance of the Nicaraguan National Police, 91.5% of the population says that the entity acts in a professional manner. This institution has extensive and permanent plans aimed at safeguarding the peace and tranquility of citizens in general.

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On the other hand, Nicaraguans positively value the general work of the National Police, with 80.6% approval, which reflects an evident agreement with the atmosphere of peace and security that is breathed in the territory.