Government of Nicaragua sends letter to Iranian leaders in support and solidarity for the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus

Nicaragua condemns the attack carried out by Israel on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria

Israel launched an airstrike with missiles on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus, the capital of Syria, in which 7 people were killed.

The Government of Nicaragua led by the president, Daniel Ortega, and the vice president, Rosario Murillo, sent a letter to the Iranian leaders condemning the attack carried out by Israeli forces on the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, Syria.“With full knowledge of the horror that terrorism represents, as a weapon of destructive and inhuman action against brave people determined to be free, we convey to you our heartfelt and deep condolences for the 7 leaders and representatives of the Iranian people, murdered in ignoble actions carried out on Syrian soil, against consular and diplomatic headquarters of the government and people that you preside over,” reads the letter addressed to Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran; and Ebrahim Raisi, president of that nation. the same time, the Nicaraguan government “condemns the terrorist barbarity of the government of Israel, and in particular, this infamous and miserable action of the enemies of peace and life, who attack every day, without shame or modesty, against worthy and brave peoples, like the Iranian people.”The Latin American nation extended its condolences to the families and friends of the Iranians murdered by Israeli forces. “We pray to God for the eternal rest of our Iranian brothers, and we extend our respect and solidarity to their families and friends,” the statement states.Iran denounces terrorist attackThe president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, called the attack a “terrorist crime and a flagrant violation of international norms,” and said that “this cowardly crime will not go unanswered.”Read more about: Nicaragua carries out solidarity events with Russia after terrorist attack at Crocus City HallLikewise, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said that, “the evil regime will be punished at the hands of our brave men. “We will make them regret this crime and other similar ones.”