Nicaragua expresses solidarity with Cuba in the face of the blockade and destabilizing acts of the US.

Nicaragua denounces ‘infamous’ US measures and shows support for Cuba

Nicaragua reiterated its complaint against the permanent economic blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba, highlighting its solidarity with the Caribbean nation in the face of current situations.

“In these days of infamous continuity of the criminal North American imperialist blockade against that Heroic Cuban People, of Resistance and Courage recognized in the World, we send to each Family, to each Home, to the Party Cadres, to you, Raul, Miguel, and the entire Government Leadership and its Glorious Revolutionary Vanguard, our Strong and Solidarity Embrace, as Always,” said the Nicaraguan statement.

Likewise, the State of Nicaragua emphasized that “with peace as a permanent flag, Cuba will continue to win, amidst the respect, admiration and affection of the people of the world.”

In this sense, Nicaragua described as “infamous” and “criminal” Washington’s unilateral measures that seek to suffocate the Caribbean nation in all areas.

“We trust that, with the Strength of that Great People, and the God of All Triumphs, the History of Honorable Courage in the face of the immoral audacity of the Imperialists of the Earth,” the Nicaraguan statement mentioned.

Statements from Cuba

For his part, the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz Canel, denounced the destabilizing and interventionist attempts by the United States, which seek to take advantage of Cuba’s situation for their own benefit.

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“Mediocre politicians and terrorists in networks lined up from South Florida to heat up the streets of Cuba with interventionist messages and calls for chaos. They were left wanting,” said the president of the Caribbean Island.

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“This context is being tried to be taken advantage of by the enemies of the Revolution, for destabilizing purposes,” declared Diaz-Canel through his X social network account.