Nicaragua reported that the note from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs was sent to the UN, regarding the US obligation to comply with the ICJ ruling.

Nicaragua requires the United States to comply with compensation ordered by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Nicaragua reported the submission of the note to the UN on the obligation of the United States to comply with the judgment issued by the ICJ in The Hague, which orders compensation for the damage caused during the financing of the war in the Latin American nation.

«Today afternoon, Companion Jaime Hermida Castillo, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Nicaragua to the United Nations, met with Mr. Earle Courtenay Rattray, Chief of Staff of Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, cited the declaration of the Nicaraguan Government.

In this regard, he added: Companion Hermida delivered the Note signed by our fellow Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, in Commemoration of the important and historic 40th Anniversary of the Nicaraguan Demand Presentation against the United States on April 9, 1984.

The U.S. debt to Nicaragua has not disappeared

In this context, during a press conference, Dr. Carlos Arguello, Nicaragua’s representative to the ICJ, said: «Is it a historical obligation that exists on the part of the United States and it is a historic right for Nicaragua not to have resigned. The debt hasn’t disappeared, it’s a legal debt.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, in its note, detailed that on 28 June 1986, the ICJ condemned, through a judgement, the United States Government to compensate Nicaragua for all the damage caused as a result of military and paramilitary activities against Nicaragua.

Despite the fact that the Court recognized that in a situation of armed aggression such as that carried out by the United States, no reparation, neither economic nor moral, could compensate for the devastation of the country, the loss of life and the physical and psychological wounds of the Nicaraguan people, the Court decided that the United States had a legal obligation to repair Nicaragua for all the damage caused, the Nicaraguan diplomatic institution stressed.

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The Nicaraguan State specified that the note will be circulated to all Member States as an official document of the UN, linked to issues of international relevance of the 78th UN General Assembly, such as: Report of the International Court of Justice, Culture of Peace, the Right of Peoples to Self-Determination, Crimes against Humanity, the Rule of Law at the National and International Level, among other topics.

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Companion Hermida recalled the importance of Nicaragua’s case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for international law as it is a memorable ruling that, in addition, gave the ICJ greater credibility. He also reiterated that Nicaragua will not cease its lawsuit to the United States to comply with this judgment issued by the Court, the ruling highlighted.