The United States maintains a historical debt with Nicaragua, in which it must comply with the compensation mandated by the ICJ.

After 40 years of the lawsuit filed before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against the United States for financing the war that left thousands of Nicaraguans murdered, Nicaragua points out to the UN that Washington must settle its historical debt, compensating the Latin American nation.

“On the 40th Anniversary of the Presentation of Nicaragua’s Claim against the United States on April 9 , 1984, Nicaragua takes this opportunity to remember that there is a historical debt with the Nicaraguan people that has not been settled by the United States. . It is an obligation clearly established in a final ruling of the highest international judicial authority, the International Court of Justice,” wrote the Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a letter to the UN.

ICJ condemns the US to compensate Nicaraguans

Likewise, he highlighted that on June 28, 1986, the ICJ, through a ruling, condemned the United States government to compensate Nicaragua for all damages caused as a consequence of military and paramilitary activities against Nicaragua.

«Although the Court recognized that in a situation of armed aggression such as that carried out by the United States, no type of reparation – neither economic nor moral – could compensate for the devastation of the country, the loss of human life and the physical and psychological problems of the Nicaraguan people, the Court decided that the United States had the legal obligation to financially compensate Nicaragua for all the damages caused,” the statement quotes.

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The State of Nicaragua emphasized the aggressions carried out by Washington currently, and of which it has been a victim, “now euphemistically called sanctions, and a victim of an attempted coup d’état, that the people of Nicaragua remember the difficult conditions under the who filed this historic lawsuit before the International Court of Justice.”

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In that sense, the Sandinista Government, led by the president, Daniel Ortega, declared: “Nicaragua takes this opportunity to remember that the rulings of the International Court of Justice are final and unavoidable compliance, and therefore the United States has the legal obligation to comply with the reparations ordered by the ruling of June 27, 1986.”