40 years later, Nicaragua returns to the ICJ with a case similar to the one it won against the US, which financed the war in that country.

Nicaragua, when denouncing Germany before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for «supporting the genocide» in Gaza with military supplies to Israel, evoked the historic demand it made to the United States 40 years ago for financing the «Contra» that murdered to thousands of Nicaraguans.

«In Nicaragua we do not have military force, the only thing we have, in this specific case, is some experience in international litigation before the International Court, and as we remembered… tomorrow, April 9, it will be exactly 40 years since we filed the lawsuit against of the United States, on April 9, 1984, that we presented the lawsuit against the United States,” added the representative of Nicaragua before the ICJ, Carlos Argüello.

Furthermore, he noted that «there was even a request that we pointed out, because in that case against the United States, one of the things we were asking for was to prohibit the United States from continuing to finance, support and arm the Contras.»

Arguelló stated that «curiously, similar situations came together 40 years later, in short, the important thing in which we can contribute to seeking peace in that region and seeking peace for our Palestinian brothers, well, we are doing it, I believe it is the mission and that’s what we’re in right now.»

In 1986 Nicaragua wins the lawsuit against the United States

The jurist in international law, Carlos Argüello, who led the team of experts that achieved the condemnation of the United States on June 27, 1986 for the armed attacks financed in Nicaragua, recalled that Washington canceled its recognition of the ICJ and «dismissed» the international law when the Nicaraguan State sued it 40 years ago.

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In the current case against Germany, Argüello expressed hope that no restrictions or reservations would be imposed on the ICJ, as the United States did four decades ago, arguing that the Court was «exceeding its jurisdiction.»

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high representative to the ICJ explained «in this case, what we are asking the ICJ is to tell Germany that it cannot continue financing, supporting and arming Israel.»