Nicaragua denounces Germany for supplying weapons to Israel during the aggression in Gaza.

Nicaragua’s complaint before the ICJ accuses Germany of supplying weapons to Israel during the escalation of the conflict against Palestine.

Nicaragua demands Germany, during the first hearing before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in The Hague, to stop its aid to the genocide in Gaza with the supply of weapons to Israel, used to attack and murder Palestinians.

During his intervention, the representative of Nicaragua before the ICJ, Dr. Carlos Argüello, denounced that “it is regrettable that Germany drops aid from the air for Palestinian children, women and men while supplying the Israeli army with military equipment to kill them.”

Nicaragua asked the ICJ to issue orders to Berlin to stop arms exports to Israel and reverse the decision to suspend funding to the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

Nicaragua denounces military support from the US and Germany to Israel to attack Gaza

Argüello in an interview with Revista en Vivo, a television medium in the Latin American nation, regarding the initial hearing, reaffirmed that “what we were saying now this morning in Court is that dropping a one-ton bomb on a town, in a well-populated place, it is a war crime, today and a hundred years ago it was also, although there is no intention to destroy the Palestinian people, just doing what they are doing is already a crime.”

Furthermore, he added: “apart from what Israel is doing directly, there are also a number of countries contributing, supporting militarily, including Israel. The main support for Israel obviously comes from the United States in the first place, but secondly it comes from Germany.”

“In our opinion, what is happening in Palestine is not just genocide, that is the maximum and covers any atrocity that may be happening, but if for any reason a country like Germany said or thought or said, we do not believe that there is genocide. as they live by saying, regardless of that, what no one can deny, because it is completely visible, is that they are violating humanitarian law, that is, the laws of war,” denounced Argüello.

Nicaragua: There is nothing left in Gaza, they have killed thousands of people

The Nicaraguan international jurist explained that Nicaragua’s interest was that “since Israel cannot be sued except for genocide, while we can sue Germany for its participation in genocide and its participation in everything else that is happening, which is undeniable, there is no reasoning, there is no intention of genocide, it is not a question of intention, there is a reality that is visible, they have destroyed everything that is gaza, there is nothing left, they have killed thousands of people, there is nothing left, they have killed thousands of people, mainly children. “It’s incredible, it’s a question that has no name.”

“Only in November of last year, two and a half months after beginning the destruction of Gaza, Israel sold Germany almost 4 billion dollars in weapons, which means that Israel is selling it, but Germany gives it to Israel,” Arguello specified.

In that sense, he explained that Israel does not need help to defend itself, “it is a power that has more military spending than its neighboring countries, such as Egypt and Iran, which have 10 or 20 times more population than them and 50 times more territory. “Israel spends more per capita, 4 times more than Germany spends, even per capita Israel has more in military spending than the United States, the country that spends the most in the world.”

“When finally, all the countries in the world had relations with the South Africa of apartheid, of white power, from that moment on everything fell apart. We thought that the same would happen in Israel, from the moment that all countries stopped their support for what is happening there. Another situation would arise,” recalled the international law expert.

Furthermore, Argüello highlighted that Nicaragua does not have military force, but it does have some experience in international litigation, and recalled that this April 9 marks 40 years since the lawsuit was filed against the United States in 1984.

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In that context, he said that, in that lawsuit against the United States, they requested that Washington be prohibited from continuing to finance, support and arm the Contras. “In this case, what we are asking the ICJ is to tell Germany that I could not continue financing, supporting and arming Israel,” he reaffirmed.

“So curiously, similar situations came together 40 years later, in short, the important thing in which we can contribute to seeking peace in that region and seeking peace for our Palestinian brothers, well, we are doing it, I believe it is the mission and that is what we are doing right now,” emphasized the Nicaraguan lawyer.

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Likewise, he highlighted: “We have hope and so we are asking for a clear order, zero support for Israel, military and private. “That is the order we are waiting for.”