Nicaraguan government rejects «interference» agenda of UN group.

Nicaragua criticized the groups that call themselves «human rights experts» of the United Nations Organization, for manipulating and maintaining an «interference» foreign agenda against the Latin American nation.

The Nicaraguan government declared before the UN Human Rights Council that it «reiterates in a reliable manner, its position regarding these groups that call themselves “human rights experts,» in that they take input for their reports from criteria manipulated by a group of people who are financed precisely to distort the reality of our country.

Likewise, Nicaragua denounced     that this responds to a predefined agenda supported by “imperial powers,” whose objective is to «discredit» the advances in human rights achieved by the Nicaraguan people.

The Latin American nation dismissed the credibility of any report or statement issued by these groups, alleging that they reflect the same editorial line of those who «adverse the Government.»

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Likewise, the declaration highlights the determination of the Nicaraguan government not to accept the interference of these «self-proclaimed experts», and reject their «unilateral and biased» reports, with which they promote an «unreal and irrational criterion, about the reality of the Nicaraguan people.”

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The Nicaraguan Executive emphasized the achievements made in the country in terms of human rights, such as “education, health, housing, combating extreme poverty, legal, citizen and food security, protection of children, women, people with disabilities, older adults; in short, of the sectors of the population in vulnerable situations.”