On March 3, citizens of the Autonomous Regions of the North and South Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua are called to exercise their right to vote.
On March 3, citizens of the Autonomous Regions of the North and South Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua are called to exercise their right to vote.

Nicaraguans celebrate a new civic event on March 3, the 2024 Regional Elections in the Caribbean Coast. Electoral authorities, in coordination with the Army and the National Police, have started the transfer of Electoral Ballot Boxes.

“Today (February 28), the Electoral Ballot Boxes are ready to be transferred to the municipalities of the North and South Caribbean Coast, which we have strictly secured to ensure that each of them contains the required materials,” emphasized Dr. Brenda Rocha, president magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Council of the Latin American nation.

Rocha also urged the citizens of the Caribbean Coast to exercise their constitutional right to vote in this electoral process, in which 14 political organizations grouped into five corresponding slates participate to elect authorities who will lead regional policies for the next 5 years.

The Electoral Ballot Boxes will be transported in 128 routes to the respective regions. In this regard, the highest authority of the Nicaraguan Electoral Power assured that this body is “committed to ensuring that the electoral process takes place in an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and with strict respect for the will of the people.”

Nicaraguans elect regional authorities

For the 2024 Regional Elections, the Nicaraguan Electoral institution will have 751 Polling Stations in the 308 Voting Centers, where 180 Members, both owners and alternates, of the Regional Councils of the North and South Caribbean Coast of the country will be elected.

General Julio César Castillo Avilés, Commander-in-Chief of the Nicaraguan Army, stated, “To the Supreme Electoral Council, we reiterate that you can count on our efforts so that these Regional Elections unfold successfully. Everything we do is thinking about the well-being of our people, which is why we say we are the people themselves in uniform working for their own benefit.”

The Nicaraguan Army guards the transfer of Electoral Ballot Boxes for Regional Elections. Photo: JP+

Likewise, the Director of the National Police, First Commissioner Francisco Díaz, highlighted the coordinated work with the Nicaraguan Army, who developed a security and protection plan for the Nicaraguan electoral process.

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“We will guard the centers, computation, transmission, and the return of electoral material. In compliance with our constitutional missions… we will ensure order and security through the implementation of preventive public actions and intelligence, so that Caribbean families can exercise their right to vote and choose their regional authorities,” emphasized Díaz.

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Since the approval of the Electoral Calendar published in December 2023, the Supreme Electoral Council has highlighted the compliance with all proposed activities, strictly adhering to Nicaraguan laws, and with the assistance of representatives of all Political Organizations participating in this civic event.