More than a million tourists visited Nicaragua in 2023, boosting the nation’s economy.

The impressive boom in foreign tourism in Nicaraguan territory, during 2023, recorded 739.2 million dollars in income for the Latin American country, far exceeding the figure for 2022, according to the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN).

In this way, the 2023 Tourism Income report published by the banking institution detailed that these “expenses made in the country by non-resident tourists” represent an increase of 24.1% compared to the previous year, where income amounted to 595.6 million dollars.

More than 1 million 200 thousand foreign tourists in 2023

This result is attributed to the entry of 1,202.3 thousand non-resident tourists, which requires an increase of 28.9%, compared to 2022. In addition, average per capita spending experienced an increase of 5.6%, reaching US$43.3 per day .

The main contributors to this income were tourists from North America, with a total of 215.8 million dollars, showing a growth of 45.0% compared to the previous year.

From Central America, revenues of 104.7 million dollars were recorded, with an increase of 36.7%, while from Europe 85.0 million dollars were captured, representing a growth of 88.9% compared to 2022.

Nicaragua among the main tourist destinations

A recent report from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) foresees a significant rise of Central America as a prominent tourism epicenter in the Latin American region by 2024, in which Nicaragua leads along with El Salvador.

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The document highlighted the tourism growth that El Salvador and Nicaragua would experience, positioning them as leaders in the region and notably exceeding the regional average.

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In this sense, El Salvador would achieve an extraordinary increase of 157%, while Nicaragua follows closely with a possible and impressive increase of 142%.