Nicaragua: Faced with the decline of hegemonism, the world is advancing towards multipolarism
The fissures of the hegemonic system were once again exposed by Nicaragua, while highlighting the development of multipolarism.

Nicaragua exposes at international level, the collapse of political and economic hegemony, highlighting how a multipolar world is in the process of facing the emerging birth of new regional powers, and the decision of determined nations to respect the right to independence.

The Government of Nicaragua, through the foreign minister, Denis Moncada, issued its pronouncement at the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, where different key issues on the international scene were addressed.

Declining of hegemonism

“Faced with this declining hegemonism, the world is advancing rapidly towards multipolarism, with the emergence of regional powers and the consolidation of the positions of developing countries on issues that should guide the agenda of the international community, such as the climate crisis, food and energy”, highlighted Moncada in the historic meeting.

Regarding the motto of the Summit, «Together for a Just and Sustainable Ibero-America,» the representative of Nicaraguan diplomacy considered that it «represents the genuine aspirations of our peoples who share a common history, common languages ​​and cultures, and a deep desire to live and advance in peace, justice and well-being”.

He also stressed that these goals «are threatened by the actions of certain countries that still maintain imperial ambitions and that constantly superimpose their hegemonic interests above the priorities of the Human Community, fomenting wars, blockades, sanctions and defamatory campaigns, contrary to the International Law, the Charter of the United Nations and the most basic principles that should guide relations of mutual respect, solidarity, dialogue and cooperation among States”.

Nations defend their self-determination

Nicaragua said that there are currently a number of nations that «defend their national interests, including the right to establish their own model of political, social, economic and cultural development, in full exercise of their national sovereignty and independence, without interference nor intervention.”

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The Nicaraguan government insisted that humanity is creating the conditions to «break with imperial hegemony, which for so long has subjected the planet and the majority of the human population to war, to environmental collapse, to destruction, to instability, to poverty and hunger.

Moncada, called on the Ibero-American Community to support the strengthening of the integration of the countries, «rejecting and denouncing the vestiges of colonialism, such as the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed» on Cuba and its «unjustified inclusion in the list of State sponsors of terrorism, from which it must be excluded”.

The Central American nation, in this context, also rejected «the imposition of illegal, coercive and unilateral measures imposed against Venezuela and Nicaragua and many other sister countries in the world and the occupation of the Malvinas Islands.»

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Regarding the progress of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization, Moncada explained that the path towards full independence for Puerto Rico must be supported. In addition, he highlighted the importance of promoting and guaranteeing the Rights of Original, Indigenous and Afro-descendant Peoples.