The China-Latin America and the Caribbean Space Forum promotes space development in the region, Nicaragua detailed.
The China-Latin America and the Caribbean Space Forum promotes space development in the region, Nicaragua detailed.

Nicaragua participated in the first edition of the Space Cooperation Forum between China and Latin American and Caribbean Countries, held in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, which promotes scientific development in the region.

The event was carried out by the China Space Administration and the Hubei provincial government, and more than a thousand representatives from different fields participated, such as: diplomatic missions, universities, companies, academic institutions, space administrations and organizations dedicated to cooperation in space matter, according to local Nicaraguan media.

“China and many Latin American countries have signed space cooperation documents and carried out cooperation, such as the successful launch of the China-Brazil land resources satellite, the Venezuelan communications and remote sensing satellite, and the Bolivian communications satellite”, according to the “Wuhan Declaration” cited by the news outlet Xinhua.

Furthermore, he added: “Space cooperation between China and Latin America has contributed to space technology serving the economic and social development of China and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, and has become an indispensable engine for South-South cooperation, which favors the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organization for 2030.”

In that sense, the president of the Asian nation, Xi Jinping, through a letter, highlighted China’s willingness to collaborate with the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean with the purpose of strengthening coordination in space development strategies.

“China stands ready to work with Latin American and Caribbean countries to build a high-level space cooperation partnership, promote space technology to better benefit both peoples, and continue to promote the construction of a community of shared future between China and China. the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean,” Xi said, according to Xinhua.

China aims to strengthen regional connectivity

In addition, it committed to deepening collaboration in scientific and technological innovation, promoting industrial complementarity and mutual improvement, as well as intensifying talent exchanges. All of this seeks to elevate bilateral space cooperation to a more advanced level.

Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) stressed that space cooperation opens opportunities for the countries of the region in the field of telecommunications, digital navigation, digital mapping through satellites, commercial navigation, the response to climate change and disaster risk reduction.

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Nicaraguan delegation that participated in the Space Cooperation Forum is composed of General Efrén Marín, who leads the Nicaraguan Army Air Force and is also the Coordinator of the National Secretariat for Space Affairs (SNAE); Colonel Noel Morales, legal advisor to the Army; Professor Humberto García, who directs the Astrophysics and Space Sciences Research Center of UNAN-Managua; and Michael Campbell, who represents Nicaragua as Ambassador to China.