Nicaragua reaffirms its agreement with Russia in the construction of a new multipolar order.
Nicaragua reaffirms its agreement with Russia in the construction of a new multipolar order.

Amid advances in strategic trade cooperation and the strengthening of diplomatic ties between Moscow and Managua, the Government of Nicaragua highlights Russia’s contribution to the Public Transport of the Central American nation. 

Nicaragua’s relations with the Russian Federation have been based on mutual cooperation, fraternal relations and the establishment of cooperation in the field of international diplomacy», said Oscar Mojica Obregón, Nicaragua’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure.

In an interview for the Russian news network, RT, Mojica, highlighted the growth in the brotherhood of these two nations, especially in transport infrastructure, since the signing of the memorandum of understanding signed by both parties, with the aim of developing projects of great importance initially in Nicaragua.

A radical change

A sign of progress in this area is the supply of Russian buses to the Central American country, which has received approximately 1,500 totally new units, incorporated into the Nicaraguan public transport service, between 2009 and 2023.

In addition to this, the Russian Federation also incorporated in this series of agreements, maintenance services and spare parts, which «ensures that the vehicle fleet can be maintained in optimal conditions» and even that has generated the rapprochement of the other Central American nations «to know this working experience» with Russia.

 Likewise, the minister explained that «Nicaragua has been promoting a process of profound transformation in the framework of its road network, with the construction of more than 3,700 km of new roads»; a significant change, taking into account that, with the arrival of the current Government, the country had only 12% of an existing and operational road network.

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There has been a major transformation that allows new, high-quality roads to penetrate the productive regions,» which has managed to obtain the necessary movement of the export products that maintain Nicaragua’s economy, Mojica said.

The Nicaraguan official also stressed that bilateral diplomatic relations between Nicaragua and Russia extend beyond trade, since both countries are in favor of building a new multipolar international order, «where there is respect for the sovereignty of countries and security for all».

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This context is increasingly reinforced by the advancement of the paths of development and mutual prosperity, where no nation imposes conditions or interferes in the internal affairs of other States.