Nicaragua leaves the OAS and denounces its role in coups d'état and regional conflicts.
Nicaragua leaves the OAS and denounces its role in coups d’état and regional conflicts.

Two years after Nicaragua denounced the Democratic Charter of the Organization of American States (OAS), it has officially withdrawn from the regional organization, which it considers infamous and an instrument of Washington’s interference.

«We are definitively withdrawing, Nicaragua no longer has any relationship, we are no longer members of that infamous organization called the OAS,» said Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada in an official statement.

In that sense, the Nicaraguan government, through the diplomat, argued: “This November 19, 2023, two years have passed since the Government of Nicaragua denounced the Charter of the Organization of American States (OAS), and in accordance with its Article 143 and that Charter is without any effect in relation to the Nicaraguan State.

Moncada also reiterated his criticism against the OAS, pointing out that this organization aligns itself with the political interests of the United States, supporting countless actions that violate international law.

Nicaragua, its people and its government “remain detached, detached from that interventionist Organization, an instrument of intervention of the decadent unipolar and hegemonic Government of the United States of North America”.

Nicaragua accuses the OAS of interference in Latin America

In that same tone, the Nicaraguan representative warned that “the OAS continues to be the ministry of colonies designed and organized by the North American Power to cover up and justify its aggressive actions, violating international law against the progressive and revolutionary peoples and governments of Latin America and Caribbean”.

In this sense, Nicaragua mentions different events of historical significance in Latin America, which it considers a recurring pattern of interference by the OAS in the internal affairs of the countries of the region, and promoted by the different US governments.

“The OAS has repeatedly carried out interventionist actions against Nicaragua, transgressing the principles of non-intervention in internal affairs, respect for the sovereignty of States and the right of peoples to freely choose their destiny, principles recognized by International Law and contained in its founding Charter” denounced Moncada.

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Likewise, he added that this interventionist action by the Organization of American States was evidenced by “its involvement and biased action in the failed 2018 coup d’état in Nicaragua.”

“The falsity of the OAS electoral reports was the spearhead for the coup d’état in Bolivia and the overthrow of the president, Evo Morales. An anti-popular crime for which the Secretary General and other OAS officials have to answer, just like other crimes in this hemisphere”, said the Nicaraguan representative.

Likewise, Moncada pointed out that “in 2016, the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil carried out an illegal impeachment trial against the president, Dilma Rousseff, whom they removed and then judicially persecuted; and they imprison former President Lula. With interference from the United States, they judicialize politics to carry out a coup d’état, using their so-called fictitious rule of law”.

Furthermore, Nicaragua emphasized its contribution to the weakening of Western unipolar hegemonism, strengthening multipolarity in a just and equitable world, by concluding the process of leaving the OAS.

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The Government of Nicaragua highlighted in the context of its official withdrawal from the international organization that the Nicaraguan people “continue their revolutionary process of a free, dignified, sovereign homeland and always beyond”.