Nicaragua stands in solidarity with Mexico and demands that Ecuador respect international law.

Nicaragua supports Mexico in its complaint against Ecuador at the International Court of Justice and the United Nations.

Nicaragua supports Mexico in its complaint against Ecuador before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the United Nations (UN), for the violation of international law in the violent police assault on the Mexican Embassy in Quito.

The Nicaraguan vice president, Rosario Murillo, declared: “we have been participating in a clear and resounding rejection of this procedure and we have also reiterated to the Government of Mexico our support for its initiative in the International Court of Justice, where they have requested the endorsement of the countries who are defending Mexico’s right to exercise its sovereignty, and in addition, we have been aware of what they are doing to support in the United Nations, New York.

In addition, he highlighted that they were “participating widely in different events, meetings, we were virtually in communication with the entire CELAC, which, at the level of national coordinators and foreign ministers, was present to continue demanding that the government of Ecuador comply, that is, first Firstly, condemn its action, and secondly demand that it comply with the Vienna Convention.”

In that sense, Murillo said “that declaration that is being prepared for a meeting of presidents, next Friday afternoon, for a clear and forceful declaration that rejects and condemns this unusual, this savage rupture of the norms of civilized coexistence, between countries, peoples and governments, breaking in violently and removing them violently.”

“Even the diplomats of that headquarters, beating them and then extracting a person who was also an authority, vice president in another government and was there in a condition of asylum, that is, a rule that all countries respect, the person who is granted asylum, The Government that receives that person grants asylum must be respected, in accordance with all conventions, both conventions on asylum and the Vienna convention,” emphasized the vice president of the Central American country.

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The Government of Nicaragua, after the violent events that occurred at the Mexican diplomatic headquarters in Ecuador, reported: “In view of the unusual and reprehensible action carried out this morning in Quito, by forces that should protect the order and security of Ecuadorian citizens and their lives, our forceful, emphatic and irrevocable rejection, which we convert our sovereign decision to break all diplomatic relations with the Ecuadorian government.”

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In this context, the Nicaraguan State also expressed its “solidarity and support in any legal action that may arise from this, to the president and government of Mexico, Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador.”