Nicaragua reiterated to the United States its obligation to comply with The Hague sentence, and pay its historic debt.
Nicaragua reiterated to the United States its obligation to comply with The Hague sentence, and pay its historic debt.

The United States is obliged to compensate and make reparations for damages caused and for State terrorism against Nicaragua, ratified the Central American country’s foreign minister, Denis Moncada, referring to the conviction, issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague in June 1986.

The diplomat recalled the damage suffered by Nicaragua with the war financed and executed by the US government during the administration of President Ronald Reagan; the conflict left more than 50,000 victims, wounded, crippled from war and extensive damage to infrastructure and economy.

Nicaragua makes representations to the UN

 During an interview with the Nicaraguan media, Channel 4 television, the Foreign Minister referred to Nicaragua’s efforts before the United Nations to get the United States to comply with the ruling of the Supreme Court in The Hague.

“President Daniel Ortega, always clear, especially in this process with the Court, continues to maintain the position of State, and precisely sent a note to the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, where the obligation of the US to compensate and repair the damages caused to Nicaragua is established and reiterated,» Moncada said.

In addition, he recalled that, in 1986, when this case was being deliberated before the Court in The Hague, it is interesting, because «for the first time the Court begins to express itself with respect to this State terrorism: the mines of the ports, the bloc, aviation, the Manual of Psychological Operations in Guerrillas, everything that is terrorism in different phases and expressions».

“You faced the empire in all forms: military, political and diplomatic. In addition, in the highest Court of Justice on the planet, and you manage to win, to the surprise of everyone,» said the foreign minister, referring to the victory that Nicaragua won, at that time, at The Hague.

America has not healed its deep wounds

Likewise, he indicated that, through the conviction of the ICJ, the United States is obliged to abide by the principles of international law of non-aggression and respect for Nicaragua’s national sovereignty.

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“The United States had violated the Navigation and Trade Agreement with Nicaragua since 1956. And by blocking, installing mines, and doing commercial and maritime blockades, it was obviously violent, and so the Court established,» he said.

In this sense, the Nicaraguan foreign minister reiterated that «Nicaragua has not yet abandoned its right to collect from the United States,» the compensation ordered by the ICJ.

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Denis Moncada, in turn, said that «imperialism does not finish healing from the deep wounds», after being defeated and expelled from Nicaragua by the Army Defender of National Sovereignty, led by General Augusto C. Sandino.