Nicaragua denounces politicization of the UN in the face of aggression in Syria.

Nicaragua’s support for Syria against the interference mechanism carried out by the United Nations.

Nicaragua denounced that the United Nations (UN) carries out reports and mechanisms promoted by Western countries that violate the sovereignty of Syria.

“With the creation of this supposed International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism, without consulting or cooperating with the Syrian Arab Republic, the General Assembly acted beyond the powers conferred on it by the Charter of the United Nations, in violation of the right and principle of Sovereignty and Sovereign Equality of all Members, as well as non-Interference in the Internal Affairs of States,” Nicaragua warned before the international organization.

“Our United Nations General Assembly continues to be the object of politicization, double standards and selectivity promoted by Western countries, against sovereign and independent countries,” reads Nicaragua’s statement.

During a meeting at the United Nations headquarters, the development of an international mechanism was discussed, which, as detailed, has been used as a pretext to “justify” the aggression against Syria.

Nicaragua rejects the creation of the «international, impartial and independent mechanism» by the UN without consulting Syria.

“This supposed Mechanism continues to receive financing from the United Nations budget, even in times of liquidity crisis, evidencing that these resources are being used to advance the Western agenda in aggression, isolation and hostilities towards our sovereign Peoples,” the declaration of the Latin American nation cited.

Syria situation must be addressed with a humanitarian approach

Furthermore, he emphasized: “we reject the issuance of said Report and the creation of the Mechanism in question. Nicaragua considers that the solution to the Syrian conflict must occur through dialogue and negotiation, to reach a political agreement that reflects the will of the Syrian People and Government, with the support of the International Community, without foreign intervention.”

The Nicaraguan government recalled that at the time it voted against this mechanism because it is “a peace-loving country and respectful of International Law and Human Rights, we do not recognize or accept initiatives that violate the sovereignty of our people, including selectivity and politicization of Human Rights”.

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The Government of Nicaragua highlighted the ability demonstrated by Syria to carry out accountability through its legal and judicial institutions without external interference or political and financial pressures.

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Nicaragua urged to address the situation in Syria with a “constructive and objective humanitarian approach”, under the leadership of the Syrian government, without external interference, to allow reconstruction and the voluntary and dignified return of displaced people and refugees to their homes.